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Contradicting Reactions
Wednesday, 9 July, 2014
12 Recommends
SKN VIbes (unofficial rep aka LG)  *  10-Jul-2014
SKN Vibes, Hello, ....Hi Dan! What's the nature of your call? dog, garbage, scatter, dookie! Hold On! ( smh...this guy is nuts) Dan are you still there? Okay.. I'm transferring you to the Toon Center! Toon Center How can I help you? Hi Dan.....??/ ###...okay? Aha, okay...(not another one) Okay Dan... please gather all your evidence and hold it until further notice..Toonman will stop by with his canvas..... Bye Dan! (smh) LOL
Dan  *  10-Jul-2014
Hello? SKN vibes?, me no got no dog and every morning a get up all me garbage out me garbage pan scatter all over me yard, and a think is me neighbor dog, a want a story on dat, lol lol lol. This is hot news lololol
Nonsense  *  10-Jul-2014
Well i guess she figure since SKNVibes always posting nonsense and as she say this is nonsense they would not mind posting it also, She shoulda step in it....Lolol
Local Gyul  *  10-Jul-2014
Exactly MixUp. Well kudos to Toonman and Toon Center for highlighting the hot topics in a non depressing, but humorous way. Kudos to them for bringing the traffic.
MixUp  *  10-Jul-2014
I get that although ppl feel say SKNvibes always posting nonsense & negativity, they still logging on because they too fast, And even though Ms. Lady knows so much is happening she still calling to add more nonsense for others to read, then she will be the same one to say what nonsense is this.....lolol
Local Gyul  *  10-Jul-2014
Well If it's not GB he looking at then maybe you, cause I don't want him looking at me when them Rosy Ruby Pink lips. no no no! He look a little too sweet for me. I goin stick with the pizza guy for now. Me and him can workout together, but this one look a little too sweet! lol
Whineup  *  10-Jul-2014
Lolol @ LG, possible is GB he looking at, definitely not me but i think that's his tongue not lipstick.
G-Baby  *  10-Jul-2014
Local Gyul  *  10-Jul-2014
G-Baby. It's two different opinions. I believe what that boy in the PINK lipstick is looking at is you and how you were carrying on at Music Fest! lol.. You have de boy hot under de collar and his eyes bulging out! lol
G-Baby  *  10-Jul-2014
LOL i agree with u Mr Music nobody gon fine nobody caz everybody lost to d world
Local Gyul  *  10-Jul-2014
I'm not lost! I have my cartoon GPS (great people skills) hooked up. Got to run. lol
Mr Music  *  9-Jul-2014
If everybody lost nobody gonna be there to find us :-)....PART 2 SHALL BRING FORTH CLARITY.
Kay  *  9-Jul-2014
this one isn't too clear......need some work!
Local Gyul  *  9-Jul-2014
It's a submission from the Gripes & Grumbles department.
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-Jul-2014
This needs a continuation or Part 2 it aint finish yet as I am lost here
Local Gyul  *  9-Jul-2014
and to top it off... Them a de ones dem calling een some of the shaving cream (shorten that) stuff!
Local Gyul  *  9-Jul-2014
Okay.. One set of readers complain the next set is happy for the info on SKNVIBES. You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the SKN Vibes readers ALL of the time. They say they no wan't (quote unquote) "bad/dumb" news,,,,but they still hungry looking for it... That's what I got...LOL
Whineup  *  9-Jul-2014
I Losta than you, me want know to????Lolol
G-Baby  *  9-Jul-2014
wha happening i lost? what did he c is it about the cat #2 in the neighbor yard?
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