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Thursday, 10 July, 2014
3 Recommends
Common Sense  *  11-Jul-2014
well "Whineup" if sk ppl so stupid to go do the white because the green has been legalized they are very stupid and that is their business if they want go crazy.
Local Gyul  *  11-Jul-2014
Whineup whenever they legalize or decriminalized anything (yes including gay marriages) is because they want their cut at the detriment of the common man! It's up to us to not always play follow fashion monkey!
Whineup  *  11-Jul-2014
You see as soon as they legalized it, it will no longer be a chill nor would be profitable so guess what the white stuff will be more on the rise, which mean more of SK ppl going crazy, more killing and the rise of crime, So go ahead and DECRIMINALIZED it see wa happen.
Local Gyul  *  11-Jul-2014
@ GB...You have you business license ready and waiting huh? lol
G-Baby  *  11-Jul-2014
Legalize it LG LOL
Common Sense  *  11-Jul-2014
decriminalize it and get it over with. only because its illegal why people tend to makea big deal out of it. decriminalize it and it will be nothing more than a plant and its value will rapidly decrease due to the easily accesible it will become. look at alcohol, clearly more dangerous but becuase it is legal there is no big deal about it, had it been illegal it would have a much higher value
PEbbles  *  10-Jul-2014
it should be banned
Whineup  *  10-Jul-2014
Leave it alone mind......
Local Gyul  *  10-Jul-2014
G-Baby this is all Tell us what they should do. lol.. decriminalize it / legalize it ? Either way you goin have to pay taxes on your natures Anytime you see them boys in they suits you know they up to no good.. G-Baby what should we do?
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