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This Is What Some Men Need
Friday, 11 July, 2014
17 Recommends
Rhyming Time  *  15-Jul-2014
Lol. I realise he post one yesterday / though it's timely, it's also sad, i must say / Just have to wait until later today / When i can laugh and play.
Local Gyul  *  15-Jul-2014
Well you know he don't wake up till afternoon / So you have to wait till 3, 3:30 for the new Toon! ... Lol ..just having fun @ your expense toonman!
Rhyming Time  *  15-Jul-2014
Waiting on Mr. Toonman to post a new toon / Hope he post it sometime soon.
Local Gyul  *  15-Jul-2014
If she had listen to advice from Dr Phil or Her Mama / She wouldn't be dealing with all this man DRAMA! Hey RT Wuz up?
Rhyming Time  *  15-Jul-2014
She coming strong with the karate / Seems like she's been taking lessons with Mr. Miyagi.
Local Gyul  *  14-Jul-2014
Toonman it's 2:39! Wha kinda CP (Cartoon People) Time you operating on today? lawrd man! A even done all me reports till a here cleaning out file cabinets!
Explore  *  14-Jul-2014
these men now a days feel they bad they like to take advantage of women ,we women need to show them who is boss and stop being afraid of them we need to wake up .
sha  *  14-Jul-2014
ok my gir show him who is de boos alot of young ladies need to take charge and stop lettting man knock them bout
mompa  *  13-Jul-2014
me no goin tek that they
De Original  *  12-Jul-2014
Stupid woman!! Suppose it was the other way around? If it was him that hit her for being overly-jealous, would it have been acceptable? Real idiot!!
Whineup  *  12-Jul-2014
Good for her
Love it  *  12-Jul-2014
Many more need to wake up and defend demselves againt the wicked and hartless ppl .
love  *  11-Jul-2014
well said Local Gyul I agree with you 100 percent don't let me see you talking to no other man. FOOLISHNESS Its not worth it to stay in a relationship just because you love someone and be physical,verbal,emotional abuse because that's not love So whether you are a man or a woman WALK AWAY
Femme Pouvoir  *  11-Jul-2014
He got a dose of his own medicine and even worse as she knocked teeth and eyes out. Now she can walk away.Foolish man. Guys and Gals never put your hands on your partners and beside that no one whatsoever
Local Gyul  *  11-Jul-2014
Violence begets Violence so Sistah walk away from this relationship now you can! Dont waste your time retraining no man or anyone for that matter. Same goes to my brothers! No one needs this!
wooo  *  11-Jul-2014
weh de alkaline toon... 123 boom...
stone  *  11-Jul-2014
get up buowy. lol
stone  *  11-Jul-2014
get up buowy. lol
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