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What Happens When Men Go shopping With Women
Tuesday, 15 July, 2014
9 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  21-Jul-2014
Toonman this scene played out yesterday! I was gently reminded by my hubby that he is not the guy in your cartoon and he was not going to hold all my stuff (as he put it) ! So I nicely reminded him he should have just given me his wallet and stayed home as I suggested! Please stop giving these men
Bob  *  20-Jul-2014
No comments!
MixUp  *  16-Jul-2014
Serve him right Jen he probably wanted to spy on her...lolol
Jen  *  16-Jul-2014
Lol never go shopping with your husband, they are always in a hurry, but on the other hand I believe the poor man tired, look at all those bags and she is just empty handed and strolling. lololol
Local Gyul  *  16-Jul-2014
It's not you alone Rhyming Time / They've done it to me and cause me to change a few lines. They have me misspelling words and using incorrect grammar / Just so to comply with the FTC or Some agency for the social Media. But I appreciate what they by allowing us to talk / cause they also look out for us when some Troller decide to Stalk!.............So thank you SKN VIBES..
Rhyming Time  *  16-Jul-2014
I had to cut my first rhyme for this toon short because SKNVibes censored me / I didn't even use a bad word and i used it so innocently / Then people gone say that they don't censor / But they moving rough, they moving tenser.
Rhyming Time  *  16-Jul-2014
Lol / lol.
Local Gyul  *  16-Jul-2014
@ Explore. I for one DO NOT want to go shopping with either my husband or kids for that matter. That's what girlfriends are for! Furthermore you guys like to interrogate us on everything! Do you need that? Nooooo, but ah don't need attitude eeether and you giving me that, so I will buy a dress to go with your tude! lol
gazmatic  *  16-Jul-2014
i have a comment....more like a suggestion... you should link all the toons in a slideshow like format so that a next or forward and backward option appears to see the other toons. just a suggestion
Local Gyul  *  16-Jul-2014
lol.. I picked up on Femme Rhyming.. Sistah got some hidden Don't suppress it Femme. Keep it
Explore  *  16-Jul-2014
lololol never go shopping with a woman lolol
Whineup  *  16-Jul-2014
Lol, Y'all ain't realize Femme took a dose of Rhyming today??? Good one Femme
Whineup  *  16-Jul-2014
lolol LG
Local Gyul  *  16-Jul-2014
Shopping is Therapy! Retail Therapy. You don't take the stress factor with you! If you go shopping regular you wont need Okra ..I mean Oprah or Dr. Pill ....I meant Dr. Phil....
Local Gyul  *  16-Jul-2014
@ Femme. Do you mean for all of 10 minutes!. They go in, they go straight to what they want, they don't comparison shop, they don't ask questions, Could care less if anything match! No Fun at all!! That's why I keep my collection of Ga... (you know the men on the feminine side) friends close.. They make good shopping buddies! Like I've said before!! Just give us the wallet and hold the bags or stay home... lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  16-Jul-2014
What about when women go shopping with men Mr Toonist
Femme Pouvoir  *  16-Jul-2014
You know us women we have to match up everything from head to toe and I am certain you all know.if he luck enough you may do the same for he with some surprises under a low key so for him today he has to work hard it's a repay
G-Baby  *  16-Jul-2014
Rhyming Time  *  16-Jul-2014
My lady serious with she all day shopping / She even got on her comfortable shoes for store hopping /Maybe she looking outfits to go to the CPL games and watch Rick Ross so she bustling / I really believe it's his money she spending, everyday she "hustling".
Whineup  *  16-Jul-2014
love  *  15-Jul-2014
I have to correct my mistakes LOL this is exactly the way men behave they don't have patient when they go shopping with their significant other but they have patient when they have to wait on their (men) friends men please be patient remember she is patient with you TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION
LOVE  *  15-Jul-2014
LOL this is exactly the way men behave they don't have patient when the go shopping with their significant other but they have patient with their ( men) be patient men remember she is patient with you too numerous to count
Local Gyul  *  15-Jul-2014
To answer your question Toonman... He loses his patience and his money..LOL.. and a could guarantee you it aint just one more Next time Toonman carry a
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