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Men vs Women..Seeing Colours
Wednesday, 16 July, 2014
7 Recommends
JamNev  *  17-Jul-2014
Funniest thing I've seen all day. Good one Mr. ToonMan
Whineup  *  17-Jul-2014
Local Gyul  *  17-Jul-2014
Then a goin leave it alone and just call you WhiteUp! Oh pure and holy one!
Whineup  *  17-Jul-2014
Huh, all Whineup is saying is she like white me no like all those pretty colors....lolol....White is pure and holy like me :)
Local Gyul  *  17-Jul-2014
Thanks Mr. Music.. Now @ WhineUp.......Variety is the spice of life, so I'm so curious to find out what you mean by what you wrote? lol
Mr Music  *  16-Jul-2014
Is just so i see my colours...simple and to the point...Great eyes Local Gyul to notice all that
MixUp  *  16-Jul-2014
Cool LG, point taken and yes he is a HE.....Lolol
Local Gyul  *  16-Jul-2014
@ MixUp.. Several For one.. check out his handwriting when he doodles on the drawings..!! Women tend to be more flexible in the wrist...therefore our writing flows better giving us a much nicer handwriting! 2 ...The caption above would read.. "Women vs men"! we like to put ourselves first! 3..The Maroon and Wine above is the very same hue/ color! Right there. He is color blind! and last but not the last toon, he had her buying three of the same style and color bags without the name brand labels on them!.. Now unless she Christmas shopping from ghetto mart....Why would we do that! Therefore LG says the artist is a HE! lol
Rhyming Time  *  16-Jul-2014
When i was in primary school, there only use to be four colours, red, orange, blue and green / But as the years go by, more colours keep showing up on the scene.
MixUp  *  16-Jul-2014
Q, How are we so sure that Toonman is a man? The Toonist could very well be a woman, My daughter draws very well could give him/her a run for their money....
Whineup  *  16-Jul-2014
Lolol...the only color i like up there is where they are standing...
Local Gyul  *  16-Jul-2014
LOL.. Well a here having lunch and almost fell out me chair. Toonman thanks. LOl.. Its a known fact that men are color blind and only see primary colors. Check out toonman drawings. They are 99% primary colors. But he love green and purple bad! He no want to hear nothing bout no avocado and It's a man thing..women just don't
Splendor  *  16-Jul-2014
I totally agree with you! Women see all shades of color, especially when they're buying clothes, shoes, and other things to match their outfit.
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