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Don't Throw Away Your Identity
Thursday, 17 July, 2014
9 Recommends
Whineup  *  18-Jul-2014
Seeeeen, cool ok...lolol tnx, dats definitely not my Pookie...lolol
LG  *  18-Jul-2014
Whineup this is the Pookie me a tark bout!
Local Gyul  *  18-Jul-2014
Yes Femme. You are correct! A friend of mine using her fake accent (don't know how she didn't bite her tongue) called to ask about a rental house. The people told her they don't rent to section 8! When I called back later they gave me an appointment. They didn't know if I was Red, Yellow, blue or green (like Toonman). People just need to be themselves! Unique!
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Jul-2014
@Sad Truth you are so true about your statement. I have seen this among some individuals in SKN> I had an experience overseas whereby a friend of mines from Antigua and I travelled in a taxi to a new residence. The taxi driver thought I was from Haiti and she from America she was charged more in taxi fee than I and she fumed for days as a matter of fact I told my self she was really putting on more than she ought to . You can speak proper English with you original accent nothing is wrong with it.
Whineup  *  18-Jul-2014
Brahahahaha @ LG
A sad truth  *  18-Jul-2014
Was told biggest problem in SKN is not recognizing the importance of our own culture. Jamaican comes to SKN lives for 20 years still sounds like a Jamaican a local goes to Jamaica for 3 months comes back speaking Jamaican. Shows we don't value what is ours where is the self respect and pride
Local Gyul  *  18-Jul-2014
Oh Okay, then is not your Pookie. (thank goodness) Me no tark bout me frens dem so, but when the other Pookie went fahrin and come back me see him dung a pier one afternoon a yank and a wear Winter coat, Earsmuffin and Scarf..(boy dress like oliver samuels from Jamaica) and de ting bout it ,,,it was a Fink coat...not a was a fake me call ilt Fink! de middle a July!
G-Baby  *  18-Jul-2014
LOL tha so tru sum the only go for a weekend an they cum bk yankin { like ppl for real u serious} an no LG im still getto no need to change if i go way they out there gon be killing them self to have my sk getto talk not d other way around sms
Whineup  *  18-Jul-2014
Lolol @ foot operation.....Nar wrong Pookie, he just 17 and him don't yank he stammer so tail.....lolol
Local Gyul  *  17-Jul-2014
And btw it look like GBaby went fahrin. Lets hear how she sound when she come back. She not going Lol no more ..its going be ........Te he! Hardy ha ha!
Local Gyul  *  17-Jul-2014
Me monkey oh! Dat a you son? Da one da does hang out wid me cousin Dayquantaradacle an dem? Oh he went fahrin? No wander ne hear um a yank and a walk a dip an a slide. . Me bin tink he had foot operation. Lard Whineup me sorry, me no bin no a you kin. Lol
Whineup  *  17-Jul-2014
Lolol...My son name is Pookie LG wa you coming wid?
Butterz  *  17-Jul-2014
This is so true..i agree with all the comments...Partner went up as Dialect person and come back as a yankee doodle person
Local Gyul  *  17-Jul-2014
It's one thing to speak properly and use correct grammar! It's another thing to purposely change your tone to sound like Shenayna, Shequanita, Pookie and Naynay! lol
EXPLORE  *  17-Jul-2014
Femme Pouvoir  *  17-Jul-2014
Local gyul you cracking me up but you will be surprised the many adults that are good at this it is like fitting in when you get there and maintaining for when you return or to fool the chicks who may not know you. A wonder which language school he attended while there perhaps the Street American Accent University
Local Gyul  *  17-Jul-2014
Everyone accent sets in at puberty. You can have a unique combination if you work at it, but after puberty your accent is set ! So maybe he going through puberty..LOL
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