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When The Cat's Away The Mouse Will Play
Friday, 18 July, 2014
7 Recommends
penaydo  *  21-Jul-2014
this is what's going to happen when we get those smart meters lol lmao
Local Gyul  *  21-Jul-2014
SMH in disbelief... with Short's story. Unbelievable! The Nerve! Shorty He would be getting Long Yellow water to wash in next time he try that. Hook up the water intake hose to your La'Twoilay before you leave home. (just don't say LG told you to do that) oh and just remember to unhook it before you
Whineup  *  21-Jul-2014
So Shorty no body ever tell you that you neighbor does wash in you machine when you ain't home? Or you and he has some kind of an agreement, exchange of goods or something of that nature so he feels he has that right? Brahahaaaa
G-Baby  *  21-Jul-2014
Got enough soap powder that's it? Shorty u got to be crazy
Whineup  *  21-Jul-2014
LOLOL Shorty..wat a Monday morning laugh, you certainly took my Blues away....Lmao
pb  *  20-Jul-2014
LOL @ all the funny neighbour stories. Only in Sin Kits.
Shorty  *  19-Jul-2014
This is real. I had my machine outside covered down one day i was late for work but had already lock down the house but i was still inside, i hear my machine outside washing i peep outside to find my neighbor washing, i was so shock all i could have done was ask him if he got enough soap powder
Rhyming Time  *  19-Jul-2014
@FP. There's a simple explanation for all that passa passa / The neighbour took to heart the saying " mi casa es su casa".
Local Gyul  *  19-Jul-2014
Femme your story is sad if its true, but funny. A tell you what. The day my next door neighbor look like Gazoo it's time for me to move..LOL
Royal  *  19-Jul-2014
Wha story dat?@ Femme Pouvoir. He/she got keys to the man house nuh? Well Well! He has domestic help he don't know about. Some people just bold, bad and thief!
Whineup  *  19-Jul-2014
Femme maybe his neighbor aint had no current nor gas, but sounds like they had a key for he house....Or maybe they was cleaning and cooking for him till he gets back....lolol
Femme Pouvoir  *  18-Jul-2014
This is serious and it aint just this smart meter it is real human beings do be doing this sometimes. A friend told me he decided to go to work but wheelback in about half an hour and was surprised to hear his machine humming, his heater hot with clothes on the ironing board and a pot on the stove steaming with rice and chicken and a mind told him to look in various parts of the house and guess what the culpit was under his bed.Guess who? His next door neighbour
Royal  *  18-Jul-2014
It looks like Mr. Smart Meter. lmtpo
Local Gyul  *  18-Jul-2014
Or maybe he looking for the Mother ship = Them Ambulettes!... garn!
Local Gyul  *  18-Jul-2014
Me hear bout Marcia Griffiths Electric Boogey, but now Toonman created the Electric Bug!, or is that Gazoo from the Flintstone down here in Bedrock? lol! First Chickengunya, Now Gazoo! LOL
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