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A Skeleton Sleeping In The Closet
Thursday, 24 July, 2014
4 Recommends
Truth will set u free  *  25-Jul-2014
That's the order of the day, all kinna man walkin round wid children that don't belong to dem. Married, single, gay and even some dead and gone and ain know. Mommy's baby and daddy's maybe indeed!!!
Whineup  *  25-Jul-2014
She cant die with that secret look at her face, if any thing that secret will give her an early grave but she should find comfort in knowing that she choose the perfect guy, look at him he obviously loves his son.......
Local Gyul  *  25-Jul-2014
I don't know whose pickney that is biologically. All I know is who I see nurturing that child so Man With The Truck...You Are the daddy! and cavelle with all the DNA testing these days and people researching family tree and shrub don't think you going dead with no secret....A dig they goin dig you up. So you nar Rest In Peace no more.. Maybe Pieces, but not Peace!
cavelle  *  25-Jul-2014
Local Gyul so true i agree/ Femme Pouvoir i believe the child a he one, for me i would a dead with the secret
Whineup  *  24-Jul-2014
Come to think of it they do look alike, maybe is y de man think is his, ppl and ppl do look alike, he been around long enuff for the boy to memik him, guessing he was the one watering the seed, cause she is deffinitely hiding something, guess Toonman will reveal it tomorrow, lets wait and see hmmmm.....I some how feel sorry fu ha :(
love  *  24-Jul-2014
that boy is the exact image of his father so there is no skeleton in the closet unless its his brothers or fathers child but 99.9 you are the FATHER
Femme Pouvoir  *  24-Jul-2014
I believe he is the really daddy unless he grew to look exactly like him look at photos 2 & 4 especially 4 they sleep alike, snore the same etc. That is why she gave a sigh. Case close
Local Gyul  *  24-Jul-2014
lol cavelle, but r-Kelly is not one you should be tekking advice from or listening to!.. He's got a whole different set of issues going on. Toonman goin soon draw about him, but a get what you saying. lol
cavelle  *  24-Jul-2014
Local Gyul, Whineup, lol but i could agree why is she off standish and looking at him..... she got a secret hmmmmm...... oh well as r-kelly puts it i'm trapped in the closet
Local Gyul  *  24-Jul-2014
Yes her conscience eating her up in truth. You see how her neck suck een!.. She needs to get off fantasy island and come clean with the man who is there being a father to that child. If the donor spur (maybe a carnt say that) was responsible he would be around! Much respect to the man who's taking care of HIS child you hear.
Whineup  *  24-Jul-2014
Lolol....LG Whineup just trying to whine you up, i know you safe in this department, but look at her face its eating her up, she can't even join in the fun, she needs to come clean.
Local Gyul  *  24-Jul-2014
Look here Whineup. LG don't play dem kind a dangerous games there. If RT jr ever needs a kidney he will know where to look! So Awhoa!.. Anyhow DNA or Donors does not a father make! It's the man who's there nurturing that child is the real father! So put that in your DNA Bank! and tell Maury LG say so!
Whineup  *  24-Jul-2014
LG you wrong.....Lolol.....RT when it comes to 6yrs old RT Jr. you are not the father...(In my Maury voice)
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