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A Skeleton Sleeping In The Closet...end
Monday, 28 July, 2014
5 Recommends
The Mighty Slick  *  7-Aug-2014
It is extremely honorable to be a father to another mans child after finding out you don't have to... it takes a special kind of man... ladies please respect any man who would do this.
Becareful  *  30-Jul-2014
Thanks MixUp n Love for all your knowledge. MixUp to u n ur siblings, welcome, congrats n goodluck. I came here 30 years ago when they didn't ask for much. You learn something new everyday. Blessings to u both.
MixUp  *  30-Jul-2014
My dad filed for us about 5 years ago and no DNA was done, all we did was to put his name on our birth certificates
Becareful  *  30-Jul-2014
LOVE: I think that u r correct, but remember 40, 30 years ago, when you were born out of wedlock, they never put your fathers name on the birth certificates. They use to put a dash where the fathers name should be. We had a joke in school, that dash a me father. They would put (illegitimate). Only now in the Caribbean they are putting the fathers name on the birth certificates, whether u r married or not. Bless up love, good day.
love  *  29-Jul-2014
if we were to do a honest survey about men who cheat 99.9 percent of the men in SK will fail and a survey about men who have children outside while they were in a relationship with someone else about 60 percent will also fail if we do another survey with men and women who stay in a relationship with an unfaithful partner the women will win because we are more forgiving what she did was wrong and he had choices and he made the choice and forgave her now he should do his best and go forward I know he made a good choice to stay that's what people do when they are in love it good to work on problems you have in your relationship work on it fight for that person that's how you will have long lasting relationship rather than jumping into relationship after relationship and to the person who say once a cheater always a cheater you are so wrong people can change but only if they want to yes people do change
LOVE  *  29-Jul-2014
becareful that story about one the kid not getting the green card if that man name was on on the birth certificate that child could get his papers dna would not prevent him from getting that papers that's not the reason why he did not get the papers
gazmatic  *  29-Jul-2014
4% of men are not the biological fathers.... good side: these are stand up guys who stick around to take care of something that isn't theirs bad side: these women know that he isn't the dad but are deceiving him anyway grey side: who knows how much are staying because they thought it was theirs... if DNA test proves otherwise...would they stay? as a man this would be a faqed up situation because I would be glad to take care the seed of my loins... it's unfair to deprive another guy of that...even if he doesn't want to in the first place men eventually come around... they aren't deadbeat because they are diks... most cant handle it...emotionally and economically... they are mostly scared not diks... women should be honest... it is not only unfair for the two guys involved but it messes up the kid... better than that man females... jacket outta style
Local Gyul  *  29-Jul-2014
**that's THINK CLEARLY... (jeesh.. I can't even spell Clearly today), but ah don't have no B..A..K's. Ah don't play wid
Local Gyul  *  29-Jul-2014
I commend you Whineup. You must have left a lasting positive impact. Give my regards to Pookie and Naynay and when you raise well adjusted kids and not some of these BAK's (bad azz kids) you have more time to think cleary (and have more toon time)! . So kudo's for the husband for hanging in there in the best interest of HIS son!
Shorty  *  29-Jul-2014
I think he made a very brave decision, the child is innocent in all of this, he is probably the only man that the child knows, so i would honor him as a real man, KUDOS to you my man
G-Baby  *  29-Jul-2014
It was lovely LG LOL an im doing gd whine up thanks for asking but a didnt went anyway jus took a time out an view the convo wid everyone about the toon for today im glad he stayed wid her maybe what happen didnt ment to happen who knows the situation mite be complicated
Whineup  *  29-Jul-2014
She must have had a lovely one LG, she was MIA for a while....lolol, How you doing GB?? I sail this boat like a champ, to this date me and the guy is not together but 17 years later the child still calls me mommy and i love her as my own, she is 3months younger than my son, the one call Pookie @ LG...lolol
Local Gyul  *  29-Jul-2014
This is a hard call! He's already developed a bond with the child. Iooking from it from the mans point of view... There was a betrayal! From my point of view.. I would not be able to handle if my husband showed up with some outside kid..(point blank period)!!.. God would have to help me deal with that one! So (smh) it's a hard call and only the two party involved in every relationship can make the call as to how they will handle something like this..............Hey G... how was your vacation?
wonder y  *  29-Jul-2014
love de youth still leave the woman...she is a cheater and once a cheater always a cheater......y men always gotta tae he sitty end of the stick
Tastee  *  29-Jul-2014
i love this even tho he is heart broken by the situation, he still remained strong and would try to work around it
G-Baby  *  29-Jul-2014
Awwww so sweet im so glad he stayed, u call that a real man as for @ from a man's point it is fair caz it do have sum woman out there that wud still keep there man/husband if he do get a child out of the relationship/marriage
D-Bo  *  29-Jul-2014
Very stupid man....leave the trick...but you can be friends with the kid
Whineup  *  29-Jul-2014
Very strong, thats what i call true love
Mr Music  *  29-Jul-2014
That's a good and strong man.
Becareful  *  28-Jul-2014
Typo: I meant "wasn't his"
Becareful  *  28-Jul-2014
Not right: Ladies we need to respect ourselves more, cuz I know of a situation where three kids grew up and the mother did not tell the man that she had another man at the same time with him. He found out that one wasn't him when the DNA came for their green cards only two kids got. Not right to the kids or the man. We need to be honest, when it come to these things, it's a good thing it wasn't medical.
Oh My  *  28-Jul-2014
Too predictable, should have added a twist or something, not impressed.
love  *  28-Jul-2014
I am so happy he did not leave and accepted the both of them that's true LOVE and the man who think its unfair should really look at it from both the boy and the fathers side would you just walk out that boy life his biological father can still be in his life if he wants you can never give a child too much love and from a mans point LOVE also means to forgive as imperfect people we always have to forgive others so we can also be forgiven
From a Man's Point  *  28-Jul-2014
That's unfair for the man. What if the roles were reverse and he got another woman pregnant, would she except it and stay? I think the best thing for the man is to leave, because what if she never told the real father he has a son, and the father wants to be in his life or a part of hers. My thoughts are in cases like these yes its’ going to hurt but he should leave.
Whineup  *  28-Jul-2014
Awwww he loves her/them and i think that's what she was hoping for, am sure she feels relieved now, wish them all the best :), sorry the son had to find out though :(
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