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Pregnant and Craving
Tuesday, 29 July, 2014
3 Recommends
explore  *  6-Aug-2014
lololololol this is so funny cant catch me self lololol this one for gaza slim lololol
LG  *  30-Jul-2014
LMAOF @ Pregnant! Green fig and pork!.... okay... You just keep eating that! lol You should have an easy delivery! .lol ... I'm sure the grease from the pork will
Pregnant  *  30-Jul-2014
Green fig and pork, Lol, one time i wanted pork so bad i feel like this child was coming out to get it...since its not coming to me then i will come for it....pain out of this wurld as soon as i smell it she calm down, was craving it for days but i just would not budge well she sure showed me who was boss, Lolol
Colours  *  30-Jul-2014
Hahahahahahaha! Tis one is nice.
Local Gyul  *  30-Jul-2014
and BTW Toonman..This is definitely not a full West Indian /SKN baby. The kind of food he craving make him sound more like a CaribAmericanaIcelandic mean a hear bout "We are the world" but this child trying to eat the world! Why he not craving Saltfish, Mackerl and Johnnycake? Is pure green banana and fish I used to crave.. LOL
Local Gyul  *  30-Jul-2014
LOL @ Pregnant. TMI..TMI.... now... (in my best Kat Williams Voice) I don't know if I would a tell dat!... LoL. My hubby and I used to seem to be playing a game of "One eye open One eye shut" to see who goin get up first... I lost every time!!!.. Women just have that natural instinct be in tuned... So I guess Chuckie preparing her for that.. LOL
G-Baby  *  30-Jul-2014
Pregnant  *  30-Jul-2014
While this might be some or most women its definitely not me, infact i try not to even eat anything after 6, Try is the word it doesnt always happen, i mostly drink water when i get up to P like every hour, a mean i spent more time peeing than sleeping :( so drained...but yh no cravings at those crazy hours....lolol
love  *  29-Jul-2014
pregnant women are like this always craving something LOL I hope he remember this if you don't want more always wear your cover you are just saying this because you have to get up out your bed at 12 pm 3 am and 5 am thats nothing when the baby comes she will be the one that's up with the baby while you are snoring and the next time when you are making love you will not remember any of this she will be the one begging you to protect yourself
LOL!!!  *  29-Jul-2014
I want ice....FROM ANTARCTICA. LOL That got me rolling!
LMAO  *  29-Jul-2014
gazmatic  *  29-Jul-2014
sad part is.... a jacket
Local Gyul  *  29-Jul-2014
Ah think toonman have a twisted sense of humor and this has to do with the last cartoon. Maybe satan is the skeleton in the closet! The first child come nice, but (SMH) I don't know bout this one. This one ravenous (or should I say RAYYBIN) like Sharlo! lol
Jhanelle  *  29-Jul-2014
Lol..This is too funny
Femme Pouvoir  *  29-Jul-2014
My dears this baby got to be a demon in disguise.
Local Gyul  *  29-Jul-2014
That's why I call him GREEDY BABY, But he look more like a CHUCKIE in the making! I don't know if I would want to give birth to that! lol He's already scaring me and he aint even out yet! He goin eat dem out a house, land and mango tree!
MixUp  *  29-Jul-2014
Hmmm, hope this is not another pig in a bag cause dah child aint look nothing like him....lolol at the baby
Whineup  *  29-Jul-2014
Would you look at Mr. Smarty Pants over there, bout what should i order next, so thats what you all does be doing in there? hmmm
Local Gyul  *  29-Jul-2014
Now that is one
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