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Beauty Over Comfort
Wednesday, 30 July, 2014
7 Recommends
tattyanae  *  23-Sep-2014
lmao lol
explore  *  6-Aug-2014
Mr Music  *  31-Jul-2014
I feel your pain mi boy. That's why I always sit by the door :-)
Local Gyul  *  31-Jul-2014
Sistahs some of these guys are Un-Be-Weavable!!!!!!!
De Mighty Slick (the watcher)  *  31-Jul-2014
And yet another reason i hate girls with weave ... :/
MixUp  *  31-Jul-2014
@ Bond007 How do you know she doesn't have an education or a degree and that's how she could afford to pay that much for her hair? Or was it you she tax the $350?
gazmatic  *  31-Jul-2014
That is why I always try to sit next to a window. I either go in front or in the conductor seat. Rain ? or sunshine, that window open. If busman want dry seats he better turn on the ac. Sorry ladies. Just go natural because that expensive weave and hairdo getting spoil
Tastee  *  31-Jul-2014
boy jus open d window see, nuh kill u self cause me ain no wah wrong wid she bout weave get blown out strupes it cud fix bck
Local Gyul  *  31-Jul-2014
Toonman when you say one or draw one ...Draw two! What about those people who must have AC on full blast all 365 days a de year and have you wearing Jacket and sweater in the middle a de summer? You know how much times I have to come into this office dressed like I'm going to a Winter ball? So ladies protect your weave you HAIR (.. I know it's no pun intended). James Bond like his women looking right, so ladies you look nice..., Mek him move or catch the man bus! If you head had look like shenshay fowl he would be the first to talk!!!
G-Baby  *  31-Jul-2014
well if he don't wanna pay the fee for a/c all he have to do is fine a nxt bus caz i know them ladies mean wha they say an say wha they mean lol
Bond007  *  31-Jul-2014
$350 for much she paid to educate herself or at least to have a degree.
Whineup  *  31-Jul-2014
Well shorty you should have gone and sit by a window instead of between two beautiful well dressed ladies with intact a preschooler SMH at you :)
Shorty  *  30-Jul-2014
This happens all the time, you ladies need to wait until you reach ypur final destination to comb you hair and stop stiffle people in a hot close up bus
Local Gyul  *  30-Jul-2014
LOL LOL LOL>>>> Womenopause! Woi!
Femme Pouvoir  *  30-Jul-2014
No him going thru womenopause and I aint vex with them girls getting ready for culturama and CPL and him want to mess up people hairstyle de bus man right to tell him he has to pay more for the A/C as dem girls done pay up for the closed windows
Local Gyul  *  30-Jul-2014
I like them I could wear the black one during work week and the deep auburn one (no toonman it's not red) on he could stop right there an sweat!!!
Seriousness  *  30-Jul-2014
This is so true........Sorry but hair style or not, window will be open. I honestly hate when people do that and have the bus all hot with the different stench. I am a female, hairstyle can be done again but i cant get a next nose so easy
Whineup  *  30-Jul-2014
But he is d only one sweating...lolol....Toonman need to link me wid some these hear style, loving dem, he could be a hair stylist :)
Local Gyul  *  30-Jul-2014
Ah... A siding with the ladies.. Sorry fella.. look like they cooking MANWICH Sandwich! lol.. and you are the Sloppy Joe... lol
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