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Hurricane Preparations
Thursday, 31 July, 2014
6 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  1-Aug-2014
LOL @ Love
gazmatic  *  31-Jul-2014
All you need to do is trim the trees and board up the doors and windows... Get some tarpaulin and put your car in the garage... Away from the tree. Use the tape on your glass windows. Gather lots of boiled water. 1 gallon per person per day. Do that and you'll be ok.
smarty  *  31-Jul-2014
I meant wind
smarty  *  31-Jul-2014
The house is painted in orange so it will never stand the forces of the eind, too much pressure for that house
Nature Strong  *  31-Jul-2014
The tree gon fall on the house and de stone gon roll right on the car engine and break it
Femme Pouvoir  *  31-Jul-2014
Mr Toonist thanks for making us aware of the prep we have to make in the event of a hurricane. Anyway the stone may be blown right into your house so take off the stone and let your friend give you a space in his garage
LOVE  *  31-Jul-2014
that's no hurricane preparation that's a hurricane disaster that FOOLISH MAN tied his car to a tree and put a huge stone on the car first the wind will break that tree which will fall on the stone and both will crush that poor red car that ding bat put five pieces of tape on his house and left the nails standing tall I think he grift wrapped the house as a gift for the hurricane
Local Gyul  *  31-Jul-2014
I thought it was the Monopoly game board till I see the masking tape! I guess this is some kind of PSA announcement in humour..
Whineup  *  31-Jul-2014
cavelle  *  31-Jul-2014
Humble that stone would crush the car before the hurricane come..... also why that house look like a NHC house?
Humble  *  31-Jul-2014
Well Well. Let's see who will win when hurricane strikes. A bet that stone would roll off that car with ease.
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