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Doctor's Order
Friday, 1 August, 2014
6 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  6-Aug-2014
Dem like to open up office and call it "Doctor Practice" Well wha dem bin a do a medical school? No there should a bin practicing? They want come practice on us and charge us? My name is LG not Guinea pig! Dem nar practice on me! A have a Old Doctor look like Moses that know wha he tarking about!. he done practice on everybody else!... bout Dr. Practice.. They need to be Dr Perfect when you dealing wid people lives!
G-Baby  *  6-Aug-2014
LOL u rite they must stop it wan charge ppl an ain do nttn
Local Gyul  *  6-Aug-2014
Gyul G..A few years ago a was feel light headed so a went een and this red head doctor took my pressure and weight and tell me nuttin wrong, but charge me $15.00 co- pay. Gyul next day a almost fainted and end up a emergency room. Come to find out is anemic a was anemic. Gyul a just went an get me money back (after a cuss him) and went and buy some Spinach and Ferrol you hear. Always get a second opinion!
G-Baby  *  6-Aug-2014
I know who that doctor is its Dr.Croford a funny guy but ain ready yet he did me that same thing i ask him a question he say he don't know i ain spent 4 min in his office an had to pay 75 $ a never went bk again.....doctors must stop it most of them don't take time to listen to they patient they wan rush them of give them what they feel then wan give this big bill...if u wwan quick money do u wuk gd
Rhyming Time  *  5-Aug-2014
@LG (at your second to last comment). I understand / I understand.
Local Gyul  *  5-Aug-2014
@ Strange... You say women tekking advantage of men / But who up there giving she a bill for twenty times ten? Messing up our weave bout open van window / getting us pregnant with gready baby sharlow. The only toon we did that is with the skeleton in the closet / When that wratchet gyul give de man a bad jacket!
Local Gyul  *  5-Aug-2014
A was giving him a break cause it's carnival time / Just glad his lack of activity bring out me boy Rhyming Time! His last two toons are okay at best / So maybe this break is his much needed rest. Doctor giving bad advice and stone pan car...LG goin sit back and observe till she return from afar.... :)/.....
Supporter  *  5-Aug-2014
Really don't know
strange  *  5-Aug-2014
toonman always showing women taking advantage of men wha sup wit that?????
Supporter  *  4-Aug-2014
Same thing i saying. WINK.
Rhyming Time  *  4-Aug-2014
Mr. Toonman aint bring out a new toon yet? / What pon wud, from LG, he gone get / You know she like she daily dose of Vitamin T (for Toon) / She gone throw a hissy fit, you gone see (soon).
Local Gyul  *  4-Aug-2014
If the doctor himself look stressed out and he's holding the bill...why he think she want it? LOL..He's transferring his stress to her! . Walk off and lef me him is right! Some of those doctors like to dismiss womens health issues and tell us bout stress!. Headache is stress, Belly ache is stress, menopause is stress! Well ladies let me just stress how important it is to seek second and third advice and leave those Stress mess Docs alone! he look like a robot anyone! Maybe Bill and Stress and the only two words that somebody program into him!
love  *  3-Aug-2014
Hey Local Gyul you are right you hit the nail right on its head and laughter is the BEST MEDICINE AND BEST OF ALL ITS FREE FREE FREE GRATIS
Whineup  *  3-Aug-2014
Lol Local Gyul
Local Gyul  *  3-Aug-2014
@Love ..So in others words.. take a couple dose of Toon Center daily and you will not be stressed? Then we can just nickname Toonman the "Stress Relief Doc"......... I've been trying to tell you guys that! Toonman is the new "Laughter is the best Medicine" Man! lol
love  *  3-Aug-2014
all professional are like that lawyer ,doctors ect, ect as long as you enter their office and talk to them they are going to charge you ways to relief stress laugh a lot even out loud scream out loud too doing these things may seems crazy but it works she also have her face too tense and angry those things cause more stress smile a lot it will relief the tension from your face and relax your shoulders and whole body we are living in stressful time its not easy but we have to do our best to calm and relax ourselves other wise it can give us HEART ATTACK BLOOD PRESURE these things can kill us we need GOD help that's why its very important to keep praying to GOD for his help and keep begging him for his guidance and as gazmatic say the beach is a very good idea you can swim and if you cannot swim walk on the beach and just take deep breath of the air it will calm and relax you we need to start enjoying nature more when we wake up just stop and enjoy the sunrise and in the evening just look up in the sky and enjoy the beautiful stars and moon all the trees, flowers just enjoy creation it will certainly help your stress and relax you just try it you will feel and see the different and its all FREE
gazmatic  *  2-Aug-2014
people need to start going beach more often or in many cases dung de bay. also dont go to a general doctor unless its outpatient. tell them you want a full check up blood work and everything. the bill will be much smaller because its subsidized. you should only see specialist on special cases
sp  *  1-Aug-2014
sooo true n very funny. great job as always mr. toonist
Femme Pouvoir  *  1-Aug-2014
Miss you are so right. I am wondering which doctor is that in our little Federation. He aint even take her pressure. Just looking at the 3 figure bill gonna stress you more. Me dear to even go into the doctor office to collect a prescription or ask a question you have to pay.
Whineup  *  1-Aug-2014
Well sah he aint even exam de woman but he telling her she in perfect health, and wa he mean he think she should avoid stress, am i paying you to think or to know whats wrong with me? you right dont pay him thats where most stress come from BILLS...Lolol
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