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Its A Hi and Bye Relationship
Wednesday, 6 August, 2014
4 Recommends
Local Gyul  *  7-Aug-2014
Wait dey! They paying for farrseness now.. lol.. strike that a mean observanceness (is that a word? ) lol.. I don't think they want me otherwise the woman in violet ( purple to toonman) would have the word vacation on she arm. I done pay my dues. Me nar let nobody kill me with wuk! Toonman have to pay his
Whineup  *  7-Aug-2014
Lolol, may the best gal win or should i say may the most observant gal wins...hehehe
MixUp  *  7-Aug-2014
The editor position is available would you like to apply??? @ Whineup and LG....lolol
Femme Pouvoir  *  7-Aug-2014
To think of it Toonist is trying to give us a hint as you realised no items was written during this emancipation holidays and de boss man wanted him to work and he and others say no way time for a holiday
Local Gyul  *  7-Aug-2014
LMAOF!.. Okay When de Editor job come available ...see who they goin call fuss! LOL .
Whineup  *  7-Aug-2014
Lol.....Cool, I stand too blinking observant......Lolol
Local Gyul  *  7-Aug-2014
@ Whineup.......ah not farrse not a farrse! Toonman got me eye them a twist like when you looking at somebody wid two left leg or if me eye them cross! a couldn't tell if she leg was cross or if she just knock knee. So woi! Then is when me notice she big toe them!! I'm observant...not
Whineup  *  6-Aug-2014
LG you fast buh, lolol you could see too much fu me ma well well
MixUp  *  6-Aug-2014
Only LG.. leave go de man let him have a lil fun.....
Local Gyul  *  6-Aug-2014
Toonman tired cause he draw the woman two big toe on de same Toonman wuz partying hard boi! please to give Toonman a full week off! LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  6-Aug-2014
Local gyul you are something else too much work man de man needs a real holiday and his wife/secretary too
Local Gyul  *  6-Aug-2014
LOL.. Toonman not ready yet to come back yet.. Don't worry Toonman a coming back next These powers that be goin find some reason to declare a holiday..oops .."Rain Stop"= Holiday!!! "Sunshine" = Holiday! "Moon a shine" = Holiday! "Plane fly over" Holiday!.. Don't worry Toonman....She (Holiday) coming back just now!!! lol
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