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CPL Anyone?
Thursday, 7 August, 2014
2 Recommends
Grandpa (WU)  *  9-Aug-2014
Stacy (LG)  *  8-Aug-2014
Well if de ball heading west and you live west ...e no mus come een you window?A good a tell dem bout de porridge cause that's all you can eat wid you one teeth dentures you does SSeeeps after me wid! You too crotchety! lol. always in de window a peep after me. Next time de ball goin knock you in you forrid!
Grandpa (WU)  *  8-Aug-2014
How mme aint nno a ttin bbout Cricket dat ball look like e heading West....lolol ....uuu dont hhave tto tell the wwworld uuu does fffeed me pporridge....Lmao you killing wid dah.....
Stacy (LG)  *  8-Aug-2014
Ah goin send one a me hogg over to clean you glasses! lol..You aint see it's a curve ball! It went roun and roun till it come een you window! You can't see, but you still a blame me pickney dem! and btw next time you want a little cornmeal porridge, your dentures clean and you diaper call none a mine. Hog cant help you..Call one a Mixup one!..
Grandpa (WU)  *  8-Aug-2014
Ok Me neighbor, lolol.....But by de way you ain't realize de ball gone in the opposite direction? unless it did a three point turn, how did it end up in my window?
Stacy (LG)  *  8-Aug-2014
LOL @ Grandpa.. Okay Grandpa, just enjoy the cricket lol! You win with you wisdom! But kip out de window till after CPL games over..
MixUp  *  8-Aug-2014
Lololol @ GP & Stacy aka you know who, de two a u killing jed....Lmao
Grandpa aka WU  *  8-Aug-2014
Nnno ggoat tto ttoo ggood fu dem aaaa hhhog dey be, yyou need too pppen dem up....Lmao
Stacy (LG)  *  7-Aug-2014
@ Grandpa..tttie 4 who pickney? Wha you tink wid you fahwud self. yyou tink dem a sstt sstt ttutering old goats like a you? lol
Grandpa aka WU  *  7-Aug-2014
Yyou Sstacy better tttie uno pickney dem 4 me no tttie em ffe you....ehhhh
Stacy (aka LG)  *  7-Aug-2014
This is Stacy.... an y'all very fahwud, but are you goin kip are you moat arf me pickney and dem... lol
Whineup  *  7-Aug-2014
Oh dear thats Grnadpa?? and i saying is Grandma lol poor me, Grandpa forgive me ma you hear i getting old to
Local Gyul  *  7-Aug-2014
@ Whineup...Which part of the old man looks like a SHE? Old black women age gracefully. They don't look that hard!. That's a man. You no see de "Adam Apple"? lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  7-Aug-2014
Laud poor Stacey and she rotten children dem give him a chance he aint know that more coming as the CPL gets underway. If I was he I would make sure I keep all of them as souvenirs to show my grandkids for living so near Warner Park
Whineup  *  7-Aug-2014
Fifth window and she so calm, look how i would a fling dah ball back thru Stacey window.....lolol and as for CPL dem might have to give she a whole house by time dem done...Hahahaaa
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