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The Sleight Of Hand
Thursday, 14 August, 2014
5 Recommends
EXPLORE  *  19-Aug-2014
A woman dey be  *  15-Aug-2014
An attractive woman appears more innocent than anyone. The devil is at his most deception in the form of a pretty lady
gaz  *  15-Aug-2014
@LG... you only hear about the people that got caught... mostly men women are smarter, more conniving... more subtle... they'll steal your wallet and help you look for it... or even better... convince you to just hand it over
Local Gyul  *  15-Aug-2014
RH You are correct. Why does the pick-pocketing tax person have to be the face of a woman? It's mostly con-men I does hear about. So if our govment conning us in disguise with vat...then it should be the face of a man! Nevermind it would've hugging up another man! I wouldn't business wid that!
Rough House  *  15-Aug-2014
We all know it's about taxes, but why it had to be a woman who is easing out the wallet? It should have been the one who imposed VAT hugging a female and reaching into her bag. We all know that is female is not Marcella, so we put our own twist on it based on the characters and their actions.
Whineup  *  15-Aug-2014
You know how we like to have fun with the toons at times but yh i think we all know its about taxes
love  *  15-Aug-2014
Local Gyul you are right its about taxes but the people comments twist it to something esle
Local Gyul  *  14-Aug-2014
Thought this was about taxes? and how they getting it from us
gaz  *  14-Aug-2014
real women are independent and depend on NO MAN ladies let them know that you make your own dough and dont have to bups
Rough House  *  14-Aug-2014
Bella, you sound like one those bums or scrubs who are usally depending on women to give them money to spend on another woman. A real man depends on no one but himself. Take a look at history and you'll find out.
Whineup  *  14-Aug-2014
You go Balla...I Salute you
Femme Pouvoir  *  14-Aug-2014
Well it goes to say that money disappears for many reasons not only in taxes but for love, want and need. You think is fun for all this CPL activities going on in SKN I aint want to be in on the fun in the sun
Balla  *  14-Aug-2014
Speak for u self Rough House. U need to step ur game up an get girls to work for u. Wat u dont no is dat girls tek money from punks and spen on real man.
Rough House  *  14-Aug-2014
Typical women. Men we always have to pay for a lil affecton, either with cash or commodities.
Whineup  *  14-Aug-2014
Lolol...should a have it in your back pocket....
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