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School Times Then And Now 2
Wednesday, 20 August, 2014
8 Recommends
gaz  *  25-Aug-2014
with all dem douggie top classes should be given with power point, textbooks in pdf and homework in microsoft word. get up to the times... all them chiren do with the laptop is play games and watch porn
Local Gyul  *  21-Aug-2014
GM peeps! LOL How she going wear shoes when she aint got no foot! Anyhow. Parents always making excuses and not placing responsibility where it belongs! At the end of the day it's our responsibility to work with our children. Teachers are not babysitters! I done tell me daughter..Your phone is not a remote control for me lips! So when you see me lips moving "Shut off the de phone and pay attention"!!!!
Whineup  *  21-Aug-2014
Maybe is the glasses throwing her off but she just look old....
love  *  20-Aug-2014
you cannot leave everything up to the teacher the parent also have the responsible to help their children you have to make sure they are doing their home work or rather sit with them and help them look at that boy in todays world phones take over the young people lives rather than controlling the phone they allow their phones to control them or modern technology is taking over people life I am not saying that these technology are not useful but their needs to be a balance rather than having them consuming your life twenty seven Whineup I think that's a beautiful dress the hair with that bun is a little old timish but lots of people are rocking that hair style now a days
Femme Pouvoir  *  20-Aug-2014
There is a clash in the teaching method you cant use yesterday method on today's children. The teach has to develop her skills too
Femme Pouvoir  *  20-Aug-2014
If she giving him all the latest gadgets how she think he gonna learn especially when he always have his earphones on. . Back in those days are no different in those days the only thing is the advancement in science and technology and discipline
Whineup  *  20-Aug-2014
Tru tru...she lucky d parent no hit her two slap lol.....but a wonder wa old time hair styles those in now a days and y dat teacher dress so old timish? N she not even wearing any shoes...lolol....spruce up de ouman man its the modern days :)
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