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Just Take Two
Monday, 25 August, 2014
8 Recommends
lol  *  21-Sep-2014
way you dont gon go sleep
Pancake man  *  26-Aug-2014
lol lol @LG you are right... i still use those bush to either sleep good or for sickness... everytime im feeling sick, i go to granny (not mommy) Granny knows best lol lol
LG  *  26-Aug-2014
boy PM..... Sour Sop bush, Baby Bush, Castor Leaf bush was safe from my and Jean Nate' & Bath & Body Works had nothing over some Florinda Bush in your bath water!.. lol.. You know how rich our grandparents could have been with proper
Pancake man  *  26-Aug-2014
lol lol she dont know anything about obeah but she knew every remedy for each sickness.... mek it worse she is a mountain girl lol lol Oh yea Vicks and White Cross... the whole pharmacy lol lol
LG  *  26-Aug-2014
lol @ Pancake man... Boy PM your granny sound more like a obeah The only thing she left out was some holy You didn't get rub down with vicks too? lol
Pancake man  *  26-Aug-2014
lol lol lol my granny will say come drink some bush tea, go bathe and rub me up with BAYRUM, Florida water and Limacol lol lol then give me TWO paracetamol lol lol BUT WAIT DEY dis granny look like she blind, toonman is wha? no wonder you telling the poor boy drink two paracetamol becuz you cant see how much pain he in lol lol he should of dead first after drug overdose lol lol
G-Baby  *  26-Aug-2014
LMAO.... well do
Local Gyul  *  26-Aug-2014
lol...yes laziness... you know me better than you realize. lawd as long as you don't recognize me too... lol,,, tell bf hello! my hubby sure not interested in my post, but then again a don't post at ..if he ever read what a does write he may need to take two
G-Baby  *  26-Aug-2014
LOL aite LG but that also came to mine ''maybe its laziness'' yesterday my bf ask me if its the same person as well i told him i sud think so caz de last time sumbody try taking u name u let them to have it lol
Local Gyul  *  26-Aug-2014
or if ah just being straight up Lazy then its also LG for Lazy Girl... lol so there you can use GB.. Ah still know its you....
Local Gyul  *  26-Aug-2014
Good Morning G-Baby. It is When a in me mood..ah use LG.... Looking Good, Living Good,,, but it's me.. look for the ....... and the !!!! and you know its me.. lol
G-Baby  *  26-Aug-2014
tell me sumthing im a bit confuse here LG an Local Gyul are u the same person or different ppl caz at first i were thinking ur the same but now im confuse caz im not sure
Whineup  *  26-Aug-2014
Well well.....granny go send me crazy
LG  *  25-Aug-2014
Granny wasn't no stress no out. If that granny was stressed she would have taken two paracetamol or paranoid pills whatever she used to call them. Lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Aug-2014
He stressed out the poor old woman I believe is he sent her to her early grave
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Aug-2014
My granny would have said drink some sugar water, rub it with some PKL or bay rum as he may be a floating pharmacy one day
Local Gyul  *  25-Aug-2014
LOL... This must be a modern day granny because it's TEA they does tell us to drink to cure everything! belly hurt = drink tea, gain weight = Drink tea, but when baby born you hear give it Milk!
gaz  *  25-Aug-2014
hahaha... look pon ben up foot... and cricket ball in face... He should sell the paracetamol at half price.... or double
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