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If They Only Knew
Tuesday, 26 August, 2014
2 Recommends
LG  *  27-Aug-2014
@ Pancake Man... School start Monday and since you bring up Jack & Jill ah think Toonman should address some a dem lying nursery rhymes they used to teach us and now teaching our kids... Whey uphill water run for Jack & Jill to be going to get water? Things that make you go "Hmmmm"
LG  *  27-Aug-2014
I for one not giving up on MY Toonman. He will redeem himself. He will explain in another toon. This one just went "Over Our Heads" (get the pun..nevermind..smh) lol.. Anyway ah told you all the man need a vacation, but Bossman didn't listen.
Pancake man  *  27-Aug-2014
good one Orange Fruta, the two of them need a slap lol lol i think Mr Toonman was being lazy
shorty  *  27-Aug-2014
He trying ti build blocks to see if they cùd reach the sky
Pancake man  *  27-Aug-2014
@LG, Gbaby, FemmeP, RT and Whineup please let me know from the space shuttle when Mr Toonist come back from jupiter because he just losing me in space... Where he find this from? He running out of ideas? If so Mr Toonist, these creative five(5) can surely assist in that aspect lol Anyway Jack come down off the ladder before you fall on Jill, but wait how the ladder standing up so straight? Nothing behind it to hold it up....ah wha story dis yah lol lol lol
LG  *  27-Aug-2014
Well the Toonheads have become Toon-Martians because we seem to be all "Lost In Space"
Rhyming Time  *  27-Aug-2014
I think that Mr. Toonman is saying that the building blocks of life is stacked in your favour and aaarrrmmm / No. He's saying that one step at a time will take you to the top and aaarrrmmm / Okay. I don't know what he's trying to say / He got me lost on this one today.
LG  *  27-Aug-2014
GB ah love Toonman so it has to be something or some point we missing. He had me reading front page and scratching me head. Ah only stop scratching me head cause a fraid de weave fall Girl a didn't even focus on the never ending you right tho.. Sarah Palin had her bridge to nowhere, now toonman has his ladder to nowhere. lol.... he's in good company....NOT!...anyhow (in my Ricky Ricardo voice) Toonman have some splaining to do!
G-Baby  *  27-Aug-2014
no LG he wud never misunderstand when i sing i want to get high he'll know rite where i'm coming from but what i don' understand is wha tha man really trying to prov in this toon plus a wanna know how he ladder so sturdy
Orange Fruta  *  27-Aug-2014
" think we in some kinda cartoon"....well ma'am you are in fact IN a cartoon so what you tryin to say?....and sir on the ladder you are indeed apart of a " comic strip ".....irony maybe?
Bob  *  27-Aug-2014
Mr. Cartoonist: Explanation please. I guess the message is that overly protective parents often inhibit the growth and independence of their aspiring children.
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-Aug-2014
Mom just been caring as school about to start and she doesn't want junior to be going back to school with a broken limb or he just playing jack and the beanstalk
Whineup  *  26-Aug-2014
Girl you and me both am soooo lost.....
Local Gyul  *  26-Aug-2014
Well I just goin say that this is Rita Marley (aka G-Baby) singing "I want to get high" and she BF misunderstand so he building a staircase to I don't know what this toon talking about today. I'm sure I will be enlightened.
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