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Jouvert Boycott
Friday, 2 August, 2013
5 Recommends
talk me mind  *  13-Aug-2013
let brantley mind he tail he out of order when he made that statement in today's world sometime you have to be very careful what you say and its not everyone is a dummy as brantley have us to be. he uses his big words and flaunt his education like only he one got sense. R u think this year was a flop r u better look out for next year and years to come kittittians creative enough to come up with something bigger and better next year and years to come. R u better dont mess wid kittittians e nuh. We right to got jouvert if rascal wasnt so dam cheap and pay sugar band nevis woulda get fart. But look out for later man
Nevisian  *  8-Aug-2013
It wasn't said that we don't want the kittians over here because half de sk man dem gat nevis woman an half de nevis woman gat sk man. but wat he was saying is that its best if only nevis ladies take part in the Miss Culture Queen Show so that wen they have miss Caribbean a Nevisian an rep nevis while the kittian rep sk, open ru hear whole an listen an pay attention an ru gun understand. e had more than 1 kittian in de mr kool show an e had kittian in de miss swim wear show. pick sense out a nonsense. by de way de boycott thing IT DIDNT WORK, Culturama was a success, we had fun. thanks to the real kittians who came over to support ur sister island, to de other better luck next year. dash way de boycott thing we cant be bothered.
Boss Ladii  *  7-Aug-2013
You people bring politics in every single thing!!! as some one comment and said " aint every body go nevis" and aint every body have the money to go, so nothing was wrong with having a street jam in SK!!
Kittitian Pride  *  7-Aug-2013
I think we all need to stop the Blame Game and work towards Unity, over the years the Culturama been going on, several persons from down here who love to participate in Festival would go over and some stay down, and that have not change in spite of what was said, why all of a sudden we having all this segregation and political rivalry? Back in the days there use to be two Community Festivals that use to be held here in St Kitts while in Nevis Culturama was going on and no one ever complain about the activities been held on the two islands, regardless of what was said that should not stop the ones who cares to go over to Nevis and the ones who stay home and find other things to do. People of this small Twin Federation of St . Kitts and Nevis are we too blind to see that our lives are been cut short and all this is becoming a POLOITICAL AGENDA, come on we are all family in some way or the other, why are we letting POLITIC divide us? I look forward to seeing our children children grow up in our Land where Peace abound. We take these petty talks out of portion and like some of us who like the medley and blame game. Culturama was a great success, the ferries did their trips each and every day during the hosting of Culturama, can t we post positive images of what took place in our Federation. God forbid if we have to suffer for the ignorant of us. Let Peace take control and Love heal our torn Federation.
Angel Berry  *  7-Aug-2013
If this was not a ploy why was this street jam not held on Tuesday instead of Monday?......just asking......
Honesty  *  6-Aug-2013
The truth is there are certain things that should not be said.Put the blame where it should be- Mark Brantley!!How could he make such bias statements against Kittitians in his capacity as Deputy Premier and dont expect a repercussion. Culturama is a St Kitts-Nevis thing and when he decide he dont want Kittitians over there to participate in the shows what he expect. He owes Kittitians an apology!He owes Nevisians one as well. He should be made to resign over his comments! Poor leadership Mark. Im Nevisian but Im ashamed of you. I knew this was going to happen and the truth is it hurt us in Nevis. The sales were low, the shows were not exciting, the atmosphere just was not the same, the Nevisians were not happy because whether we like it or not Kittitians play a major role in our culturama. Either apologise and lets move on or resign! But you were responsible for this flop!!
Only now?  *  5-Aug-2013
For all those who talkin bout travelling fee an being bored in sk .. Only now awu realize dat? Strupz
HPNOTIQ  *  5-Aug-2013
change  *  5-Aug-2013
typical reaction to change....good going ronnie rascal people need something to do in st kitts. i
CACTX  *  4-Aug-2013
Don't Be Fooled! We all know who is behind this! You cannot escape the classic hallmark of Douglas and his bunch of misfits getting at the NIA for showing support for the MONC. Having a secondary J’ouvert on St. Kitts is not a matter of choice. It is a matter of getting even. It is callous. It is heartless. It is evil. Said differently, do you know why SKB carnival is in December and not February? Because it’s Trini-time and there is no way on earth we can effectively compete. Now, the proverbial shoe is on the other foot when Nevisians, not the NIA, are severely punished. Believe it or not, Douglas has divided Kittitians and has now turned his sinister acts against Nevisians because of the NIA’s support for MONC. To victimize one somebody is bad but to victimize an official undertaken, like carnival, is unforgivable. Douglas and his bunch of misfits are now dividing this entire country by singling out Nevis. My God! This picture is so graphic…it truly tells a thousand words. Mark 12:31 …Love your neighbor (brother) as yourself… We love you little Nevis!
Whatever!!!  *  4-Aug-2013
Why people acting like is everybody from St.Kitts do go Nevis for Culturma? St.Kitts usually very dead on these days and people normally bored and want somewhere to go. I cannot truly see how a jam in St. Kitts could stop people from going Nevis. All I see it as is a way to entertain the people who don't go to Nevis. WHATEVER!!!...stop making it more than it is!!!
reallynow?  *  4-Aug-2013
what about the persons who don't have the option to travel? traditions are meant to be broken. its a fact that kittitians make up the majority of the culturama crowd and that just sad. if nevisians came out in numbers to support their festivals they wouldn't have to depend on kittitian participation.
Freedom of Choice??  *  3-Aug-2013
Its a travesty, I think we should all support nevis for their own little carnival as many nevisians do the same in st.kitts. Yes people do have and deserve a right to choose but at the same time, I dont think anything should have been allowed on such a grand scale as a road jam, maybe a dance but not a road jam. Guess we will c what people choose.
sp  *  2-Aug-2013
after all these years of we going to nevis this is what we come to . nevisians come to celebrate with us in December n we going over in august so kittians let us go over to nevis n celebrate we hear new vibes any time but culturama is once a year
why...  *  2-Aug-2013 the ppl in the foreground appear to be white though.
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