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Wednesday, 3 September, 2014
9 Recommends
LG  *  8-Sep-2014
I'm thinking that the words are not necessary misspelled, but it's the artist way of having us read in our dialect to fully understand the jist of the joke or satire. (do I need a dictionary)?????????????
kay  *  8-Sep-2014
you should use a dictionary when spelling words! otherwise some the jokes are funny
LG  *  5-Sep-2014
We have the advantage of hiding behind a made up moniker while no one know who we are! They don't! So now the playing field is not leveled! Could you have commented to them on a private email directly to SKNVIBES. We've already established that you don't give one I-oda, but Sistah to Sistah you contact them directly and not on a public forum.. Let's uplift each other. "Never look down on a person unless you are going to help pick them up" Peace! We all have stuff going on!
Idontgiveonef  *  5-Sep-2014
I work in town and see them constantly then i went to workshop a while back and one of the young lady turned up to cover the Workshop looking (I will not say)... if they represent SKNVIBES it not a good look on the company
Local Gyul  *  4-Sep-2014
Love that person throwing more than shade!. They throwing blinds, curtains and louvers...SMH! A was wondering if it was Kenya Moore!...Hope its not a stalker. How they know what these people look like? A waiting for them to remove that post!
love  *  4-Sep-2014
Idontgiveone why are you throwing so much shade at these people what did they do to you wow you are really reading these two women and this gentleman no disrespect to you GIRL BUT WOW
love  *  4-Sep-2014
Idontgiveone why are you throwing so much shade at these people what did they do to you wow you are really reading these two women and this gentleman no disrespect to you GIRL BUT WOW
LOVE  *  4-Sep-2014
Come on BOB Loosen up its very funny and he did not write any name BUT there is a saying that say WHO THE CAP FIT LET THEM WEAR IT AND YOU BOB THINK ITS FOR THE PM SO LET HIM WEAR IT
Bob  *  4-Sep-2014
That should be "understands".....
Bob  *  4-Sep-2014
Dear All: I was being satirical. Cracking a Joke. I am sure the Cartoonist understand where I am/was coming from!
Smarty  *  4-Sep-2014
Who said the cartoon was directed to the PM, there is no name or face attached to the toon so, why direct it to the PM, he is no the only politician out there, but I guess everybody is smart so if u think the cap fits the PM, I guess u have no choice but to help him wear it, Keep up the good work mr /ms toonist, love the drawings.
Pancake man  *  4-Sep-2014
I agree Local Gyul who they think they be coming here and pointing fingers and calling names, all i see is a tie, an ear, the THING kneeling down and its teeth. It could be SWIPER the fox, who knows..... jeez these people are so small minded
Local Gyul  *  4-Sep-2014
I've been accused of being very "Farrse" and I welcome the compliment as the correct word is OBSERVANT! In saying that!!! I cannot make out the image in the cage, so I don't know how some of you have figured out who it is! but you quick to jump all over the artist! I do not care for the political toons, but this one ya no got no name or image pan um. SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So back off the Toonman! all dem politicians belong dey anyhow!
Politricks  *  4-Sep-2014
@Bob, the word is 'inform'. And this cartoon makes fun of all politicians, not just the PM. I wouldn't blame you, though, for thinking it speaks directly to the PM cuz everyone already know he fits the description.
Idontgiveonef  *  4-Sep-2014
i hope mr toonist have a cartoon ready to show how distasteful the staff at sknvibes be especially two young who very obese and never dress to suit their body alway look horrible hair never in order clothes obsolete and the gemtleman that walk along side them in the glass.... CEO of this website please invets in uniforms I beg you..... i know this will not pass the screen and censor test but you guys will get the message
Bob  *  3-Sep-2014
I shall in form the Prime Minister of this "hoggish" attack upon his integrity! Fire the cartoonist!
sp  *  3-Sep-2014
LMAO!!!!!! so true
LG  *  3-Sep-2014
Toonman... Is that cage large enough to hold them all? lol... Nice toon! Well Done!
TRUTH!!  *  3-Sep-2014
HA HA HA nice ending. Apart from the cartoonist's horrible spelling, its a good cartoon
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