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When You Over Sleep
Thursday, 4 September, 2014
7 Recommends
laughter  *  5-Sep-2014
toonman plz bring back the toon "beware"
gaz  *  5-Sep-2014
this is so true. Thats why I started jogging at mornings... too tired
Pancake man  *  5-Sep-2014
lol lol lol @toonman now u bring me back to the days of JETSONS the cartoon lol lol u was watching that this morning nuh so it inspired you to draw it lol.... @Love thats so true, sleep so sweet, but u need to go to bed early in the night. Stop stay up so late, sleep when night come
Local Gyul  *  4-Sep-2014
@ Love... lol..You should stop going to bed at foreday morning! You not a RatBat. lol
LOVE  *  4-Sep-2014
But its true as soon as you go to sleep its time to wake up and the bad part about it is as soon as you are about to get to the sound part of sleeping which is the best part there is this BRIGHT LIGHT the SUNLIGHT coming in the windows or doors SAYIN ITS MORNING TIME TO WAKE UP ALL of us at one time or other hit that snoozer button saying 5 minutes more and when that 5 minutes is up we want another and another then time just flies away BUT ALL MY YEARS I NEVER TRY 1 MINUTE MORE LOL I THINK I WILL TRY IT
LG  *  4-Sep-2014
This represents most teens and 21-tweenages. They not ready
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