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Its Every Where You Go
Thursday, 2 October, 2014
5 Recommends
Pancake man  *  7-Oct-2014
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy G Baby long time no hear, I just here taking my knockbouts from LG, and this toonman talking about alot of politricks
Pancake man  *  7-Oct-2014
lol @Lg I dont involve myself in politics, I'm too good for that nonsense lol lol I will indulge myself to speak of this politics
LG  *  3-Oct-2014
If they start talking with each other and not at or about each other they may actually get something done for the good of the country.. Then a will listen to their differences in opinion! STRUPZZZZ.. We need A STRUPZZZZ button toonman... just saying....cause this one get a big STRUPZZZZ!
LG  *  3-Oct-2014
Exactly my sentiments, cause each individual is entitled to his/her opinion without everybody else getting their panty hose in a knot! We can agree to disagree without all the in fighting and hate and that's why I don't want to see it here where I come for a peace of mind. Not for people to come here to give me piece of their Sunday morning a sit down and watch "Meet The Mess" (a political round up show) then a go to Church...that's the only time a mixing me religion and politics.. Anywho.. a just waiting for the next STRUPZZZZ is right GB
G-Baby  *  3-Oct-2014
LOL....Yes LG caz a hate when people talking but politics caz they ain jus talking either they arguing over it....cud u believe spouses the even fall out over them things? STRUPZZZZ
LG  *  3-Oct-2014
LOL @ G-Baby.. Good Morning.. LOL ... Boy dey mussa really made you mad. You said waaaaay more than LOL this morning.. LOL. you wrote a whole Toonman think he smart though, but I know he have to do
G-Baby  *  3-Oct-2014
good morning LG, Pancake Man, Femme Pouvoir, Rhyming Time, Rough House an wine up, wine up long time no hear from u
G-Baby  *  3-Oct-2014
He maybe me one morning i woke up start getting ready for work decide to listen sum music while getting ready so i turn on the radio 2 nice songs played after that was pure politics talk got me so upset so early in the morning they talking bout politics before there play some good music for people to hear i just went out an turn it off....if they wanna get a vote u do whats rite not bringing down one another some of the things they say don't even sound good so what i do most of the time is plug my phone into my radio an hear good music without a peace of politics
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Oct-2014
My dears we came and meet it and we gonna die leave it. It is campaigning time so what do you expect and even after the elections you gonna hear the politicking
LG  *  2-Oct-2014
I for one exercise my right to vote, but a don't need a bunch of trickers to help me make my decision. "So just because I don't spend my every waking, living, walking moment haunted by politricks doesn't mean I'm not fully aware and informed of the issues that affect my country, myself and my future generation...... ..And Toonman you think you smart getting us to talk about politics with your reverse psychology, now look who you bring out! Ah not smiling with you today! Ah goin pass straight this evening and don't say hello!
clifford love your politics  *  2-Oct-2014
“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you. ” ? Pericles
Big Fan  *  2-Oct-2014
Strupes is just Tuesday somebody and I were speaking about this...can't even get some good music for real. I don't tune them out...I unplugged all my radios. lol. They helping me save on my electricity bill.
LG  *  2-Oct-2014
That's Pancake Man. Rough House or Rhyming Time. Just tune them out and come hang out at Toon Center.
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