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Shame And Scandal In De Family
Friday, 3 October, 2014
8 Recommends
pnaydo  *  16-Oct-2014
lmao that genie out a order lol wooo
Pancake man  *  7-Oct-2014
ok Mr newsy genie I would like some wishes please.... you just there looking people news GEEZ worst than these newsy SKN people lol lool
Pancake man  *  7-Oct-2014
wudding? :0 wha story this... new words for the Toonman dictionary lol lol I going to watch this so called oliver Miss LG talking about lol .... have to put my MADEA on pause lol
LG  *  7-Oct-2014
Watch Oliver while you at it too. He good for wudding people (is that a word? Wudding?) lol. You have me laughing all quiet to myself so these big men carnt hear me.. Go do you wuk (oh lemme tek my own advice too) lol
Pancake man  *  7-Oct-2014
lol lol lol lol hahahahaha LG I'm on the floor dyig with laughter, yea I remember the pot of grits, soon you will hit me with the frying pan lol lol talking bout MADEA, let me go watch one of her shows while I'm on government time
LG  *  7-Oct-2014
PM a not hard to find. A right here, but you cant buse me.. LOL.. You will lose every time LOL. I've been raised by village women, schooled by Maxine and Mentored by and I make the best pot of Grits!! lol
Pancake man  *  7-Oct-2014
whoooooooi talking about melee.... this is good scandal here on the chat... people posing as other people
Pancake man  *  7-Oct-2014
well well this woman (LG) hard to find to buse eh... I can't find her when I ready to throw back my word, you throwing word and running but go ahead, you wait... a bet toonman fix u lol lol
LG  *  7-Oct-2014
Good Morning RH... Wait wait.. lemme tek that back a second. You ever see a WAD made by Victoria Secrets yet? Maybe a head band, but not a Wad.. So watch it!. Now a could say good morning!!... but a little one for you fahwud self!
Rough House  *  7-Oct-2014
Calm down LG, I said it was a mistake and I'm already forgiven by RT, so need to get your panties in a wad!
LG  *  6-Oct-2014
RT ah keeping one eye on you like the Genie in the toon / So don't exonerate u self so fast and blame RH so soon...LOL... How you name get on RH list or his name on yours / Are you aint goin confuse LG with the moniker you choose use! LG or Local Gyul I understand just the same / Whatever mood you in is how you choose your name....LOL
Rhyming Time  *  6-Oct-2014
A who dat a use me name / RT and RH are not the same / It's obviously not me because the comment didn't rhyme / Cause you said you're sorry, i will forgive you this time.
LG  *  6-Oct-2014
Okay Rhyming Time ..Rough House...who's really who / You cant get your name right..and have the nerve to say you hope that woman aint you.. Well whomever you are or whomever you be /LG got two kids and they have the right Daddy!. Women like that get weak and tell lie all the time / Next time use your own name and not Rhyming Time!
Rough House  *  6-Oct-2014
Rhyming Time, Sorry! I meant to put Rough House as my name and not Rhyming Time for the post below. My Bad!!!
Rhyming Time  *  6-Oct-2014
LG, I hope that woman ain't you. I wonder if some people don't pause and think for a moment when have wishes granted. My first wish would have been for 100 more wishes, that is when melee would have started. I would have been charging for information, (who biting who, whose children have wrong fathers, the list goes on and on).......LOL
Colours  *  5-Oct-2014
Arghahahaha I love this one!
nappy  *  5-Oct-2014
toonman why so much on this topic lately something u want to tell us
LG  *  4-Oct-2014
One would be for contentment the other would be for health / Last would be for a peace of mind because without these what good is wealth!
Rhyming Time  *  4-Oct-2014
I have a question for the toon family / If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Femme Pouvoir  *  3-Oct-2014
Toonman make sure you have a continuation of this and this is no surprise as we have many genie(magicians) amount us that can tell you anything you want even up to who doing you evil or if you want to do the same to someone and that is where most citizens spend their monies instead of buying food and paying their bills
LG  *  3-Oct-2014
Big Fan that genie would have to give me a do over. I think the genie is up to no good. You see how he had his popcorn ready to start melee. A would use my second wish to wish for a real genie.. That one look shady to have one eye shut and one open.. who he winking at?
Big Fan  *  3-Oct-2014
Oh Shi...... Toonman you wrong how u mek the little boy find out like this that plumber man was fixing mommy leaks. Sorry youth i bet you wish u could take that wish back. lol
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