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Keep The Road And Yourself Safe
Thursday, 9 October, 2014
7 Recommends
LG  *  12-Oct-2014
To Your You're and whoever you are! bottom line an error was made. It was okay for you to give your opinion. What was not okay was for you to all in one line, correct, belittle and then accept a compliment that wasn't given. You came off Snobbish. Who's to say that Toonman is even writing the captions to the Toons. We don't know that for sure. These publication usually have editing department. I hope Toonman is not all departments in one. I've said in the past that is up to each of us to uplift each other. We have all at one time or the other corrected, joked and just flat out give Toonman unsolicited advice, but to come off so snobbish was unwarranted. Now we can put this issue to bed (like where I should be right now) or you could continue on your quest to prove some Webster Dictionary point. Point is there is a contact phone number where you can call rather that putting someone's education on blast. Hopefully I've spelled everything correctly and have used the correct grammar. Goodnight. I have food in the oven!
love  *  11-Oct-2014
i knew it English teacher that's good so help the kids teach them the different continue doing so until they get it and correction is good but for me its the way you wrote it and the way I understood it and maybe I was wrong so please no disrespect to you ] but you came across as holier than thou and I am not saying you that is why we jumped in so please don't hold this against me because maybe we are friends but we don't because we use screen names and i was not defensive
Your and You're  *  11-Oct-2014
@love, That's exactly the type of excuses we island people make for ourselves to hinder our growth and settle for mediocrity. People don't misuse your/you're and their/there because they are trying to speak Kittitian dialect. They misuse them because they don't know any better and wouldn't learn the language. Go grade some high school papers or check some job application letters and see people make the same mistakes with these same words, making themselves look very foolish. However, I am not concerned with your English skills, my comments were directed at the cartoonist (aka Toonman) to proofread his work before he posts it Live. Y'all jumped in all defensive and stuff. Oh well. It will only improve the standard of his work. I love the use of dialect in his cartoons, I'm just saying that misusing 'your' and 'you're' is not dialect, its just plain bad english
love  *  11-Oct-2014
please excuse my English won't be ok you understand what am trying to say that's what is important
love  *  10-Oct-2014
Sorry about that we all speak broken English and we understand each other if we change the way we talk then we wont be KITTIANS we are not perfect if we want perfection then we have to move to HEAVEN which is impossible so when someone make a little mistake rather than getting M E T about it and make a huge mountain out of a tiny ant hole remember that when we are writing mistakes happen even if we read it a over we still miss a few while correction is good we don't have to be all haughty about correcting someone you have to allow that person to THANK YOU before you can say YOU'RE WELCOME now correct me
love  *  10-Oct-2014
we speak broken t
Your and You're  *  10-Oct-2014
Who cares what you guys think. Toonman made his corrections and now the cartoon is presentable. Point Made, Point Received
Pancake man  *  10-Oct-2014
u see, I was waiting for you LG , let's show DEM how we do TINGS in YAH lol lol toonville this is HOUR neighborhood, so we do what we want lol lol
LG  *  10-Oct-2014
Pancake Man.. Ah laughing, but a biting me you NO that's a challenge for LG. THEIR is a more diplomatic way to get your point across. BUTT me never say nutting! When a see De fighting earlier a say THEIR goes the Toon NEIGHBORHOOD..LOL. WE'RE is the love? Toonman U doing a wonderful job. So keep up the good work you
Pancake man  *  10-Oct-2014
I don't see what the toonman doing wrong, who is you to come here and criticize like we don't have any sense what so ever, if we speak better in this world then there wouldn't be so much mistakes in grammer, YOU"RE/YOUR you need reading skills rather than writing skills, Toonman do continue your good work and keep us smiling (unlike this pest/YOU"RE/YOUR)
Aida  *  10-Oct-2014
I feel a hater coming on. Mr/Ms Cartoonist you are doing a great job and however u choose to use your, you're, there, their or hear, here or hair we are all getting the message. Keep the cartoons coming. St kitts got talent. Bye now
Your and You're  *  10-Oct-2014
Aida, that has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever read on here. Don't embarrass the cartoonist any more than necessary by revealing that he has higher learning and still making primary school mistakes. Your/You're & Their/There/They're mistakes are ugly and have no place in ANY forum. BTW, I don't know the Toonman and I don't need to. Thank You
Sheila  *  9-Oct-2014
How come we do not know the Cartoonist's name? Why the mystery?
Aida  *  9-Oct-2014
Hey just to interject here if you please mr cartoonist is a college graduate and he knows exactly how to use YOUR and YOU'RE, but he is just putting it the way we talk so it could add a little humor to the cartoon. So please don't get beside yourself. Thank you
Your and You're  *  9-Oct-2014
Mr Toonman, a small suggestion. Please get YOUR cartoons proofread by one of YOUR fellow co-workers at SKNVibes (one who is good at English grammar). YOU'RE a good artist and I enjoy YOUR cartoons but the spelling and grammar can use some tweaking before you post the cartoons online. For the sake of the youngsters who read here, please take my simple advice. YOU'RE welcome.
like me life  *  9-Oct-2014
Tell the bus men "If I late, you driving faster can't make me early" Nnnno seat belt in de back of de bus dem no insurance for me when you get in an accident De island small slow down.
LG  *  9-Oct-2014
LOL.. Maybe Toonman mean..... If you already drunk then no drink no Toonman might have had a glass of wine on his lunch hour... lol... NICE PSA ANNOUNCEMENT TOONMAN..LOL
mr toonmam  *  9-Oct-2014
mr toon man shouldn't the first frame be do not drive under the influence
my thoughts  *  9-Oct-2014
Hmmm....I always "drink" under the influence....but try not to "drive".
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