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It Travels Faster Than The Speed Of Light
Friday, 10 October, 2014
6 Recommends
rashad  *  16-Nov-2014
i like this
rashad  *  16-Nov-2014
i like this
love  *  13-Oct-2014
B F you really are FUNNY and a true friend to her thank u LOL
Barbara's Friend  *  13-Oct-2014
Barbara's FriendI don't know what Barbara did because first they say it was Barbara, then they say it was Barbados that did it, then it was Barabbas, then it was the Bar that did it but they never said what it was.
Rough House  *  13-Oct-2014
LG, Toonman say any news he post here, he received it from you. A wonder who trusting LG with their news? That's like trusting your child around a certain Minister of Government. Oopps.........Did I say that out loud LG?
love  *  12-Oct-2014
Ok Barbara's friend what did Barbara do? then maybe I can answer your question don't pay them no mind its children mel 'lay lol girl, very funny
Boy Wonder  *  12-Oct-2014
I don't know who Barbara is but i'm starting to like her. I don't know what she did but i wonder if she can do it to me.
Barbara's Friend  *  12-Oct-2014
Let's assume that Barbara is guilty of doing it (whatever it is), was she alone when it happen? Was she the only one that has ever done it? So why then is the focus on Barbara?
boo  *  12-Oct-2014
love  *  11-Oct-2014
correction _talk about you behind your back please excuse my English lol
LOVE  *  10-Oct-2014
PM those that talk you behind your back are not FRIENDS THEY ARE CALL FRIENIMIES
love  *  10-Oct-2014
LG I love your poem my x always warn me about friends he say the word FRIEND ends with three little words END and we all know the meaning of end sometimes its a good end and sometimes its a bad end so some may keep the secrets and others will spill like GHUTS LG when I fall in love again I know who to come to for some LOVE POEMS LOL
love  *  10-Oct-2014
This is so true my friends from overseas call and tell me things that are happening or happen in SK sometimes it comes from all the way from TIMBUKTOO and 99.9 of the times things are added to the story to make it [ JUICY JUICY ] YEA! HOT GOSSIP also some of the times half of the things are left out to make it real bad for the person YEA GOSSIP WE CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT LOL I still don't know what Barbara do WHAT? WHAT?LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  10-Oct-2014
It is just so the Chick-V, Ebola travel and one these days we gonna have one that wont even allow you to live for one day you will be gone in minutes just like this news item. Had a friend travelled to St Croix for Memorial day,she attended a cricket match at one of the ball fields and before she can put her head down to rest that same night there a cousin called from New York and a niece from Germany, a sister from North Carolina all call to say they heard she was seeing with such and such a person and the story goes on and on.Thats the world today
LG  *  10-Oct-2014
RH you tell me how I chat Barbara business when Toonman is the one that put all her business on ToonCenter...
Rough House  *  10-Oct-2014
LG, a hope you ain't around when a do anything. You to fass buddy; you done mek calls to India and China to say wha you see Barbara do. Barbara, DOG EAT U SUPPER, now that you leh LG know you business.
fun  *  10-Oct-2014
MR TOON how come you miss DUBAI
Pancake man  *  10-Oct-2014
okay LG you had to have your last say eh lol lol Well Barbara choose the wrong set of friends to be around, we all learn, know who your friends be and who your enemies be... as they say "keep your friends close but your enemies closer" and its sometimes the friends are the ones who chatting you behind your back and the enemies are the one coming saying that your so call friend is chatting you (imagine me as your enemy telling you that) I too had experience that so I feel you Barbara lol
Fred  *  10-Oct-2014
A sure three quarts of the story wrong
LG  *  10-Oct-2014
Barbara "Didn't See That One Coming..." (Wed, 8 Oct Toon) Now Barbara.. recite the following from the sistah handbook*******************************************Love your friends and love them well / but to your friends no secret tell.! For when those friends become your foe / your secret everyone will know!... Have a safe weekend peeps
SHANALU  *  10-Oct-2014
jus like that as you blink news travel fastttttttttttttt
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