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Battle For The Posts
Friday, 17 October, 2014
7 Recommends
Witness  *  28-Oct-2014
They got it wrong a bit is the red putting their signs over the Pam own. I catch them doing this once though.
Red and Yellow  *  21-Oct-2014
Yeah, Uh huh, you know what it is. Red and Yellow, Red and Yellow, Red and Yellow.
G-Baby  *  20-Oct-2014
LG  *  20-Oct-2014
Morning G, Whineup & ERRbody else.. GBaby a nerve you got? You took your little (well a should say longnograss) Hiatus and de nerve to talk bout even when a tek me vacation a do a little peeping to check on Toonman and you the 4g don't work so a have to run into StarButts.(a so e name right) and use they free WiFi.. so what you talking..
G-Baby  *  20-Oct-2014
In d building...a c u went on vacation ain even ask us if we wan cum but is ok we kool still lol...LG a luv u MacDonald video
aj  *  18-Oct-2014
Nrp had the biggest signs and most posters in the last election and they still lost the election by a large margin
whineup  *  18-Oct-2014
lololol...LG, Femme wats up my toon fam, where is GBaby miss you guys
Ha Haii  *  18-Oct-2014
LOL Good Appropriate Cartoon. Why do they have to put mini-billboards on EVERY lamppost though. It makes no sense and it really is a waste. ONE billboard in each village saying VOTE WHOEVER is enough (just to make sure the people know who they voting for). But no, SK politics jed
Mr Music  *  17-Oct-2014
Good laugh for the people
Bob  *  17-Oct-2014
Vote Labour............
LG  *  17-Oct-2014
Okay here I am thinking it's part of the Wiz Khalifa Video ( blonde moment..ah mean gray moment)
Femme Pouvoir  *  17-Oct-2014
This just whats happening at this moment as if they are people's votes. I am glad the hurricane that passed, blew down a few of them. It is a wate of money time and resources. It is better they take the money to help the same homeless and poor people who gonna vote in the elections
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