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Ignorant or Paranoid
Wednesday, 22 October, 2014
4 Recommends
LG  *  24-Oct-2014
Okay send me the money..I will buy and send you the bulbs to
Sazon  *  24-Oct-2014
@ LG i guess so...Let's open the business together
Colours  *  23-Oct-2014
Every election its the SAME ...."NEW".... light bulb scheme. Arrghhhh boy.
LG  *  23-Oct-2014
@ Sazon. I'm glad your light bulb (thinking cap) went on because that's the real question. These bulb although energy efficient cost more even though you are supposed to save more energy (So I guess ..who no pay chuch pay chapel right)... So therein lies the corporate conspiracy!! lol... They are no longer making or you can barely find the old ones on the shelf! .. Things that make you go Arrrr Ha right?.. Sazon you can turn it into a business opportunity..
Sazon  *  23-Oct-2014
So when these bulbs blow..who do we get replacements from???
LOVE  *  22-Oct-2014
At first I thought she was ignorant and just need to be educated about why the need for the change of light bulb because at times people are so set in their ways no matter how much the truth is steering them right in their face but looking at and reading the second row of pictures I can see she is totally off SHE'S PARANOID
bb  *  22-Oct-2014
Sadly we have idiots who believe everything is a "conspiracy"
LG  *  22-Oct-2014
lol.. Now we know who the woman is.. It's ..A should have recognize the hairstyle.. lol.. Hey Femme I'm paranoid about politics, but not about some swirly lightbulbs. Girl it cost me a ton of money to change all tek the free lightbulb. Furthermore they have stop making the other ones. lol.. tek the lightbulbs
Femme Pouvoir  *  22-Oct-2014
Who knows she might be right or wrong then who then is paranoid/loco.Miss they come look news to see what appliances you have to either over/undercharge you.Dont trust them
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