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Thursday, 30 October, 2014
4 Recommends
whineup  *  1-Nov-2014
oh well there goes the table...lolol
Barbara's Friend  *  1-Nov-2014
Got to be Barabas for true because this aint got nothing to do with Barbara. Nobody knows Barbara's story because she never told it, eventhough they think they know. All they know is his story. I think Barbara has been through enough.
LG  *  31-Oct-2014
@BF....did I say Barbara? meant Barabas..or is that..Barbados..anyhow the girl that was bearing her are (shut your mouth LG).....
Barbara's Friend  *  31-Oct-2014
Leave Barbara out of this please.
LG  *  31-Oct-2014
Toonman why that man's body looks like the same Shemawomaf Tranny body that had caused Barbara's business to go viral globally? and is that Barbara in frame 2...???? Mmmm ?
LG  *  31-Oct-2014
@ Nice Boy....Because they don't have any Brought-upsy (is that even a word?) and need proper customer service training! Never mind he has his own date with Mrs. Karma... That clerk needed to be a little more discreet with her clients personal information!
Nice Boy Oz  *  31-Oct-2014
These people that work in these type of places such as restaurants, movie theaters and hotels always doing this. Why do they like to talk what dont concern them. I would short pay her just fro bad mind.
Tboy  *  31-Oct-2014
He made the critical mistake of returning to the scene of the crime. Never do that fellas and playas.
Balla  *  31-Oct-2014
I no hw to tek liks. me bak hard an d make up sx does b sweet. Like u aint no notting bout grls
Manup  *  31-Oct-2014
to Bawler. that's why man like you will continue to bawl wid de liks are you get.
Balla  *  31-Oct-2014
Man fe hv nuff gal in a bundel
LG  *  31-Oct-2014
LOL @ Nappy.. Well they say great authors write about their experiences. WAA-Ell!!! (curious look on my face) lol... I ain't saying Toonman is or isn't,,, but my Toonman is the Greatest Cartoon artist I know.. LOL
nappy  *  31-Oct-2014
toonist u keep putting u business in u work
Sazon  *  31-Oct-2014
The man stupid..he should have taken his wife somewhere else..then he wouldn't be getting licks.
Lioness  *  31-Oct-2014
He deserves licks in he a** is right. He brave to bring his wife to the same hotel he had his side chick smh!
Femme Pouvoir  *  30-Oct-2014
@ Lady I was about to say the same thing how clever.Not knowing the receptionist maybe wanting her share too on seeing from the video how he had his groove on AND She too let the dog out
Lady  *  30-Oct-2014
The same hotel, the very next day. How 'smart'.
LG  *  30-Oct-2014
LOL. Well Toonman you on a roll this week boy! That's what RH get bout "Get you freak on! .LOL. Pure licks throwing in de people hotel.. (now peeps a don't condone violence, but that RH deserve that sweet AW and I talking Root Beer).. LOL.... Nevermind the Hotel clerk out a Suit he tail right! It's a Hotel not a Motel..Toonman you full a jokes...LOL
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