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The Wild, Wild West.
Tuesday, 4 November, 2014
2 Recommends
Iola  *  2-Feb-2015
We need to tell our children when they wrong. We are afaid to correct them from young. Now they think the own the Island they could do what ever they feel like.
tripod  *  4-Nov-2014
need a house to house search, turn off the cell towers so no one text a warning to move de guns
Femme Pouvoir  *  4-Nov-2014
You guys it seems as if the Caribbean is coming a wild wild wild west don't talk about SKN and J/ca. Anyway it is said many are bringing them in various froms and when some people find out that you are on their turf then they knock you out of the race. it is like survival in the gun business. They really should abolish guy fawkes too as sometimes you cant tell if fire crackers or guns blasting
tripod  *  4-Nov-2014
how are all dez guns getting into st kitts
Tboy  *  4-Nov-2014
I like that one LG. So true an well said.
LG  *  4-Nov-2014
We have a TOP COP and a Sheriff and between de two a dem St Kitts and Nevis is the HOT HOT MESS of the WILD WEST (indies)!.. Them two remind me of Andy and Barney Fife! The criminals have more bullets than them! They need to stop Globe Trotting and Track down these Bad Aces!
Sugar  *  4-Nov-2014
Well well well... Imagine bullets barking and these two brilliant men running. Ever heard of the DCH?? At least do the D and the C nuh...
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