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Wednesday, 5 November, 2014
6 Recommends
Pancake man  *  7-Nov-2014
well well from "WUK IT" to "CHOOK" LOL LOL Mr Hype what is next eh... leave the people woman alone lol lol Nice one Toonman I like the updating status girl lol
Very Funny  *  6-Nov-2014
Really enjoyed this cartoon. You are quite skilled and creative Toonman
Sugars  *  6-Nov-2014
He right to run after her to give her d Chook, she showing too much skin so she really asking for the CHOOk
Live and Let Live  *  6-Nov-2014
This is really genius. You are a very talented artist. Your work inspires even me to pick back up my pencil and book and start drawing again. Keep the good work up ! Your drawings speak volume to the issues or subjects at hand. I had to go and look for the song and before i listened I had an idea based on what I saw here ! You are talented and there is no doubt about it, and you know you are doing something right when even the people who are doing nothing with their lives, going no where and only seek to pull others down stop by to comment, Read and Peep, They need to get a " Reality Chook !!" So keep doing what the people enjoy ! Share life's stories through your art ! One Love !!
party bro  *  5-Nov-2014
well well well chook all he want but not my wife haha look dont chook your self with that needle chook your own self lol
LG  *  5-Nov-2014
Well Toonman a read the article first and just have to laugh at you once again. Well we know you not working on J'ouvert morning, but you don't have to tell us what you plan to do...LOL.. It's your right to Chook whenever you want to! LOL.. You don't have to wait till J'ouvert morning....LOL. You just be careful not to Chook youself with that long needle you holding there..LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  5-Nov-2014
Right all you run for all u life all he like to do is chook people woman he need to go chook him own
Lioness  *  5-Nov-2014
LOL! Well my lady who is updating her status sure don't look like she running for her life with that face LOL. And my lady in the blue running and still have time to know who clothes ugly...typical women LOL.
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