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Spoken Facts
Friday, 7 November, 2014
3 Recommends
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
AWWWW LOl lol you know its only the SPICY breast (3-4 pieces) and wedges I does buy at KFC..... I don't even step foot in those places called CHURCHES or CHESTERS....noooooooo they give people diarrhea ,maybe you are right LG I will stick to my pancakes lol lol
LG  *  10-Nov-2014
You go right ahead with your "Variety is Spice" and your KFC Chemically enhanced chicken going get Nothing but trouble! ..You see how that woman in the Busted Cartoon pepper he tail wid licks. Dem a de kind a spicyness you like? PM please stick to your pancakes and leave other people food alone mine don't want to have to come out the virtual world to rescue you
Pancake man  *  10-Nov-2014
It's alright, I'm accustom to get my licks from both of you Gbaby and LG lol lol lol i like the spice just like KFC spicy breast lol lol
G-Baby  *  10-Nov-2014
LOL... LG u killing me let him have it is rite he to farrse lol sorry PM but a on LG side rite now
whineup  *  9-Nov-2014
lolol...sooo true
LG  *  7-Nov-2014
That is not Toonman. That is the new light skinded (lol) editor boy that have everybody cussing my Toonman bout his spelling, now he have Toonman yanking in all his toons! So the yardie boss lady is there to whip him into shape! Toonman don't draw with pencils...Is crayons he use! So awoi!.. So no Femme that's not Yigbe (whatever the signature say)
Pancake man  *  7-Nov-2014
lol lol LG you didn't had to BUSE me so ol lol it was 104 words you spoke, yes i'm very observant (not farrse) im not plying with you and Gbaby, but a little farsing help sweeten up the pot lol lol I can't be DULL lol lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  7-Nov-2014
But this seems like a sknvibe office and that's got to be too man talking to one of his Co workers to get her opinion but I like the answer she gave him
LG  *  7-Nov-2014
You PM just nevermind what I'm assisting Toonman with!. Like GB would say you too farrse! What if the man happen to name Dell? (just saying). What you trying to say...Toonman bleaching? See how you farrse! You can call it observant, but you farrse!.. Women wouldn't have to argue if you men just acknowledge us and agreed with everything and do as you're told, but you guys have selective hearing aka Delayed obedience!. Hear only what you want to and do only what you feel like.! You see how you have me Talk-Writing so much? (how many words a get in ?)
Pancake man  *  7-Nov-2014
oh wait.. Toonman that's you?? You're appearance changing fast man lol lol Well you didn't say that LG is your assistant or she assisting with something else lol lol lol lol why she giving you so much attitude so...And DELL and Apple don't go good with each other (just saying lol)
Pancake man  *  7-Nov-2014
nar man this not true...well if you going to say woman like to argue and complain about everything alot then FINE i agree lol lol, that's how they get more words out lol lol lol
Lioness  *  7-Nov-2014
I disagree with this statement. I hardly say 50 words a day...LOL
K  *  7-Nov-2014
This is so true! could never speak once and be heard!
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