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It's A Boy!
Wednesday, 12 November, 2014
7 Recommends
Pancake man  *  14-Nov-2014
lol lol @LG that's good breakfast, you see how smart he look and he aint couple months yet LOL LOL LOL but as he born I fix his backside lol he aint gone rule me like he's the KING.. THE WORLD isn't the belly lol
shocks  *  13-Nov-2014
what is this thats timmothty hm looks so she belly aint big doctors orders parner a play minecraft
Sign  *  13-Nov-2014
Ok LG.
LG  *  13-Nov-2014
@ That overdue pickney might throw up his fingers gangsta style and start talking bout "BEST-SYYDE" cause he no look like he planning to come out....he well You no see how he tek her kidney and make a is she fault cause is the second one she have..She don't need to stop having breakfast (Hm Mm) with Pancake Man!..LOL
Sign  *  13-Nov-2014
@LG. She should have asked the lord to give her a sign as to what to expect. "Lord give me a sign" Let me know what im gonna find. DMX.
Sazon  *  13-Nov-2014
Well well...this ain't no baby in there....this is a lil boy wa know wa he doing...yain see how he leg well elevated and well into playing game...THAT'S A BULB...
Pancake man  *  13-Nov-2014
lol hahaha cattle chained baby lol lol
LG  *  13-Nov-2014
So PM now it's a Baby "DMX" ? lol..Well somebody is "Acting a Fool..Up in there...Up in there" lol..Toonman forgot to give him his big gold chain..You know the ones our grandparents does tie up de cattle
Pancake man  *  13-Nov-2014
I think it's VODKA rather than gin LOL LOL because I think he lost his mind in there... Nar man I think the doctor watching TV lol lol
nappy  *  12-Nov-2014
Parna playing FIFA 15
LG  *  12-Nov-2014
LMAOF... Sippin what coke you talking.... That hard-back child dey look like he already sippin Gin & Juice.. LOL.. and singing "Laid back.. wid my mind on my money and my money on my mind"..LOL..Look. .Lemme do some work so a could go home you hear...LOL
Pancake man  *  12-Nov-2014
muddooooooo that aint me child LG nooooooooooooooooooo, he wouldnt be playing games, be on the sofa watching TV and sipping coke lol lol ... he got too much chats in there... She should shake the belly so current could go lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  12-Nov-2014
lol lol lol hahahahahaha Mr Toonman I like this one this demi-god in her belly got too much chats bout he want a mini fridge lol lol Well I hope she aint carrying Tim child, lord watch a tun up world lol lol
LG  *  12-Nov-2014
Cavelle. A no you say de pickney look like de man? how you going say he look like de man and then tell me say LG you right? Right bout wha? LG Don't drop names like a so..Now if you had say he look like PM..(Pancake Man) then a (I) would have said..You know gyul cavelle...YOU RIGHT!
cavelle  *  12-Nov-2014
LG you right that child look so much like timothy but how that happen
wow  *  12-Nov-2014
she belly aint even that big
LG  *  12-Nov-2014
LOL @ cavelle.. that doctor have de nerve to call that a boy? a boy what? A Man-boy? A king-kong boy? A boy demon? A boy what? Well a just hope he already schedule the C-section!...that's Chuckie-Section! lol
cavelle  *  12-Nov-2014
Wait there she belly aint that big, how come this baby have on glasses? Serious question how come that baby look like tim? hmmmmm
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