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Utilizing All Your Resources.
Thursday, 13 November, 2014
4 Recommends
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
hahahahahaha LOL LOL you would be a millionaire .... Alot of CHEAP FREE-MALES will buy this app to see who the cheap men be so they could scam the 2 cents from dem left right and center LOL LOL
LG  *  17-Nov-2014
LOL.. Ah working on inventing the "CMA" Cheap man app for young so when you anywhere near dem (PM & Choosen One).. ... a red light goes on and it beeps ear deafening loud.. Real Loud and tell you RUN.. Do not stop!.. Just RUN... Cheap Man in Vicinity...LOL
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
(walking back slowly and whispering) @ChoosenOne hey we better run because LG about to go SAIYAN LOCO on us... maybe the person pierced the skin toooooo hard hit a nerve LOL LOL LOL
LG  *  17-Nov-2014
Pancake Man & Choosen one must be part of their own Rock Band "DIRE STRAITS" because the two of dem look like dey want..."MONEY FOR NOTHING AND CHICKS FOR FREE".... Two of you can go hunting on a Chicken Farm, but not In Here!.. choosen one ..What can you bring to the table besides the salt & pepper? wid are you fahwud self!
Pancake man  *  17-Nov-2014
lol LG but if she gon say let's go 5 STAR she going to call the most expensive meals like LOBSTER or STEAK.... she done look like she was stuffed and pierced like a turkey LOL LOL LOL FREE-MALES i say lol lol
choosen one  *  15-Nov-2014
LG, wen I carry she too a 5 star restaurant. What do she bring to the table?
choosen one  *  15-Nov-2014
We guys love free-males
LG  *  14-Nov-2014
(hand on my hip) & (head shaking) OH Hail to the No!.. I just know you not going to compare me to this women and then at end say she's one dirtiness. I typed in a few choice words for you, but they censored ALL A DEM! Don't let me use up all my 30,000 words and cuss you today you know PM....but a going accept your apology!!! Now....I shouldn't have gotten on the young sistah yesterday because I was siding with the young lad..We just need to school our young girls so they don't end up with cheap & wutliss men (not saying he is) But we have to provide our young girls with the necessary tools for dating UP!....(just like every other ethnicity does! So back off a she!.. Some of you guys forget we are FEMALES and NOT FREE-MALES... Watch it PM!!!
Pancake man  *  14-Nov-2014
u see LG that's what happen to are you ravenous and gutless women , you guys want big big things to kill the men one time, not thinking that great things come to those who wait....not rushing it so... naaarrrrrrr man, she is one dirtyness lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  14-Nov-2014
LOL @toonman brother... She cant go 5 STAR restaurant with all those piercing NOOOOOOOOOOOOO she need to CALM DOWN and eat the boy mother food so he could soften her up lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  14-Nov-2014
lol Femme how come you get all of that from those few words lol lol well well you is something else....but she out of place... 5 star???? REALLY??? he should of said CHINESE lol lol lol
toonmans brother  *  13-Nov-2014
what happen to she ear alwell such as life well why she want to go to 5star resturant the man have food go home then wipe you bum head toto self and cry in you bed
Balla  *  13-Nov-2014
Da boy ya slow bout date. Tell d girl cum by u lata 2 watch a movie
LG  *  13-Nov-2014
A she suggest 5 star at that...You right to tell she you mother can cook.. ley she go long...ley she go find a buffet boyfriend with her ravenous self.. You tell she date..that could have been theatre, museum, movies, etc... Noooo..she ready to nyam you dung...
Femme Pouvoir  *  13-Nov-2014
To think of it he ain't that cheap remember he still paying for you college fees,he bought you a Samsung note 4,he paid for you mom operation,buy your clothes,etc have a heart
Femme Pouvoir  *  13-Nov-2014
Cook you food yourself do something special you done know that he mother no like you So no eat she food
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