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Order Up!
Thursday, 20 November, 2014
6 Recommends
whineup  *  28-Nov-2014
Well PM you count the pennies...lolol...E suit him he say order all she wants....order up my girl...take home a doggy bag some man to show self, the girl have a big appetite sms
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
LG you well know that that guy have no manners or respect for women
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
Well there has to be common ground. Men shouldn't be cheap and ladies shouldn't be greedy!.. About your new friend down there.. all I have to say is Humppp!. he need to have respect for women..(just my observation)
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
LG at least we aint got to ask or curse out the sports team... Well well @choosen one by the time he done with her, she cant move,,, she will tell the wallet to EASE OVER on the bed lol lol lol
choosen one  *  22-Nov-2014
wen u done spen all that money bro. u got sex none stop
LG  *  21-Nov-2014
Funny how you guys will dish out big bucks to go and see your loosing sports team for temporary enjoyment, but when it comes to investing on a woman that will give you a lifetime of gains and residual guys complaining! LOL
Pancake man  *  21-Nov-2014
LOL MrMUSIC you aint see the wallet only surviving on PENNIES lol lol 13 of them to be exact hahhahaha the woman kill his wallet. I dont think a CHEQUE can work, it might bounce lol lol
Pancake man  *  21-Nov-2014
LG i guess she was imagining what she would like to eat because that paper is blank.... look at the waiter face, him like MY GOODNESS after she said lobster.... no lobster on the menu MISS ..... she better go CHINESE and buy a $10 food lol lol
Ah Woman dey be  *  21-Nov-2014
Cheque Please!
Mr Music  *  20-Nov-2014
BOYYYYYY . You wallet on life support. Save it quick.
LG  *  20-Nov-2014
Question to Toonman....Are those menus written in braille? lol.. or is she trying to read the fancy napkin? lol..Ma Dear not a word written pan de menu, but she ordering Lobster and Garlic bread...You should a tek she to "Dead Lobster restaurant" lol
Pancake man  *  20-Nov-2014
lol lol true indeed HAHAHAHAHAHA
Lady  *  20-Nov-2014
What he suppose to eat? Water. Oh maybe he will pick off of her plate. Correction, plates.
LG  *  20-Nov-2014
Pm A going invent the GOLD DIGGER app for you guys so your wallet automatically lock when you meet these type of Ah he fault anyway.. He shouldn't be trying to entertain Champagne Style on a Beer Bottle Pocket!.. Ah just had this talk with Jr. this morning. Kip out a Starbutts wid you broke buhine . You can drink you milk tea at home! lol..
Pancake man  *  20-Nov-2014
this look like the same girl in the previous cartoons when she say she want go to a 5 STAR restaurant LOL LOL she finally reach and she say THE GUY WITH NO LIMIT or should I say POCKET (WALLET) hahhahahaha til it in the emergency room (rihanna singing)
Pancake man  *  20-Nov-2014
LOL LOL LG I was just about to say the same thing...farrse ah farrse... bout dont worry... she only hear that and she order for the whole AFRICAN VILLAGE LOL HAHAHAHAHA
Lioness  *  20-Nov-2014
Phahahahha oh my goodness. The frame with his mouth wide open and the wallet in the Emergency room. I just can't LOLOL!
LG  *  20-Nov-2014
Mmmm... Pancake Man trying to impress the ladies This looks like Pancake Man aka Oliver Samuels at Ping Ping
Colours  *  20-Nov-2014
Arghahahaahahahaha...... You shoulda show the serving size on the plate. But he want play boasting bout order wah u want..... and she ain got nuh tact ordering so much like she ain accustomed to nothing.
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