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Rough Day On The Job.
Monday, 24 November, 2014
7 Recommends
chicken  *  1-Dec-2014
and thats why the next morning i gave you a golden egg.
thinknoodles  *  1-Dec-2014
i did that to a chicken it went striaight almost in ethroat and a next one ha ha you did that cousin
Pancake man  *  27-Nov-2014
lol lol well he badly off... now he get a BOOT in his beck lol lol lol
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
Pm in all honesty the little miss looks a lot younger than that old fowl! So maybe he not "Dooooodleing" like he used to! lol.. Maybe he only like to big-up his chest a morning time and Dooodle to show off with his cocckamamie stories! lol. He's all Dooodle and no Do!..
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
another one of Mr Zebra plot.... is that hen put it in..she well want kill off Mr Cocckaa....
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
Have a feeling that Egg Nog is spiked with a little "Cocckspur" (rum that is) lol
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
look MR Zebra why you fling that big mountain man boots at Mr Cocckaa... he didnt do you anything, you were the one who went with his woman and get kids,.... ever heard of CONDOMS gosh lol lol lol Mr Cocckaa go ahead drink your eggnog lol lol
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
lol lol LG I do believe cant trust those hens, they aint LOYAL lol lol hahahaha but wait dey....what SIZE shoes dem dey be lol lol muddoooooooooooo Nar man Toonman you WICKED lol
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
Inna de Fowl Mouth  *  25-Nov-2014
Pardna fling a nice piece a Timberland after de Chicken. Interesting that you can't say C*ck in here
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
Wait!, Wait! Wait! Are you sure this is not the same pearl wearing chickadee that had given her husband the Jacket (baby zebra) back on Sep Now Toonman giving him the What is this..' bout how was work today? don't trust it was a set the chicken coop..The Zebra in dey...he did it. A he shoe!.. lol
Lioness  *  25-Nov-2014
LOL. Femme Pouvoir you must be live in the city somewhere man. Cause even from where I work i seeing donkeys everyday running all bout de place lol.
LG  *  24-Nov-2014
Femme you killing you expect when monkey tek over and running
LG  *  24-Nov-2014
Femme you killing you expect when monkey tek over and running
Femme Pouvoir  *  24-Nov-2014
But LG it seems as these species are extinguishing because it long time now me ain't hear no braying and cuckoo
LG  *  24-Nov-2014
lol @ Femme.. Femme we still have the Donkeys as back As long as Toonman don't fling his other shoe at them lol
Femme Pouvoir&  *  24-Nov-2014
How could you shut up the alarm clock? Now I am going to be late every morning for work. At least you could have chase it or shoot it to put it on the Thanksgiving table,but you disable my clock and I don't even know if it is going to work again
LG  *  24-Nov-2014
lol.. Lawd tho Toonman! lol. It's not he fault you up all hours a de night and don't want to wake up come morning! lol. You didn't have to fling your size 14's down the fowl throat!
rj  *  24-Nov-2014
Love the shoes day look new brand ...... feel bad for the fowl
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