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Tuesday, 25 November, 2014
6 Recommends
LG  *  28-Nov-2014
Whineup you took a hiatus. That was no vacation. Lol. Talking bout MixUp..did he go with but a had your back though..PM was trying to put you in his cheapness mess.
whineup  *  28-Nov-2014
Wait dey i was on vac..why me name calling here? guess ive been missed i dont go looking for no ffools they come to me and i give dem d boot c o c k a doooodle dooo get d day b4...Lmao, i would take your money n save it and give it back on a rainy day, i takes care of ma man as long as he takes care of me, but me single so no mix me....cant tek d mix up...sms
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
appreciated and yea Im watching im watching oh im watching (singing) lol lol lol
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
Okay Pm. I have faith in you, but that CO is a "Yard Fowl of a different feather" (just a peck from pen to pen) on wid you bad self and get your freak on..I ain mad at you....LG, but watch the COmpany you keep!..
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
please separate me from Choosen one..... he like them wild and spoil.... I like the respected and well mannered ones lol not SKIPPING JANE in the black dress
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
LG LG LG LG (shaking my head) why you like do me this huh lol lol you know for sure that Im not cheap or a gold digger..... I can mess with you Gbaby FemmeP and Whineup... you guys are my TOUGH women crew... the real women, I respect you guys lol I just like to freak now and again....
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
Gyul pnaydo get ready to hold on to your LV's tight you hear, because those cheap men are out there lurking. They cheap, they want women work for them and they pocket tighter than our panty-hose! lol...They are Part of the TPC (Tight Pocket Club)...Just ask CO & PM! lol
pnaydo  *  26-Nov-2014
LMAO lol rofl oh my goodness. i think i need an update on my wallet as well to. also keep away the gold digging fellas as well
G-Baby  *  26-Nov-2014
LOL tell him LG
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
You kip Femme & Whineup out a dis too!. You go lang with CO where you can spend you last $1.00 for you 1 minute!
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
You go girl GBaby.. You tell him my sistah, girlfriend!..Lol.. Pm too fahwud. You tell him.. We are Caviar and Prada ladies....not no.... Frighten Friday Come Tung Saturday Morning Looking for Sunday chicks and get fool off....LOL
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
lol lol okay then Gbaby I understand, now I know its not you or LG..... OOhhhhhhh FemmePouvoir where u at where u at where u at (singing) haha haha you are the only one missing in here.... I love this cartoon WELL DONE Toonman
Tboy  *  26-Nov-2014
best one yet
G-Baby  *  26-Nov-2014
WAW look's like PM got jokes on this....But i'm sorry to burst ur bubble PM it's not me i dont go out to look for victims i have my own at home with me an like LG say if it was me i'll surly have it down pack home relaxing an alerting all the rite guys not the alarmed ones lol
choosen one  *  25-Nov-2014
Yes as long as she let me be her pimp. I have no problem at all LG
bread bags  *  25-Nov-2014
Lioness  *  25-Nov-2014
Jesus take the wheel! LMAO! I cant!
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
lol lol LG you are right with that one... both of them deserve each other lol lol
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
Well she running faster than OJ and jumping higher than Jordan. ley she tek that.."bout next victim. She need to be matched up with CO! (choosen one)
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
girl LG I never laugh so much yet... Look at the lady eyes as the arrow POITED on her... lol lol she say "WHAT THE....... whoooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this made my day..... TOONMAN I thank you, you pick out all your hair for a good cause GREAT TOON lol
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
Go ahead and enjoy your laugh PM.. chuck it up all you want.(hope you wearing your depends) lol.. but.. wait till Toonman draw the CMA (cheap man alert) App.. Your face going be all over that Toon!.. can ask Gbaby if this is she, cause it's not
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
LG she think because the man have a glass that look like champagne he rich.. nooooooooo its GRAPE juice he sipping on(singing) lol lol
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okay lol lol lol u still FLYING though or thats GBaby lol lol But seriously Look how high she gone hahahahha
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
correction..editor.. That's never, never let Mr. LG forgets he's the man.. (you all know the song) Forgets is what a meant.. I endorse him all the time.. So eat your heart out PM!
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
PM if I was a Golddigger a would not have been going to work Everyday! . LG holds it down!!.. LG help bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...and never never let Mr. LG know he's the man.. (singing) cause I'm a woman..NATURALLY!
LG  *  25-Nov-2014
LOL..Nice..See PM... Your wallet has been Look how sha-AIM mek people fly.. LOL
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
whooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I still laughing, LG shame now she gone go HIDE hahahahhaahhaha lol I laughing so much my side hurting... lol look how she jump up in the AIR, come like she a bird lol lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
hhahahahahahahahhaahahha tek dat LG Gbaby FemmePouvoir Lol lol look at her run .....whooooooooiiiiiiii it sweet me
Pancake man  *  25-Nov-2014
hey hey hey LG hey LG looooooook Toonman listens.... he did the GOLDDIGGER app for us lol lol lol lol
Femme Pouvoir  *  25-Nov-2014
It needs something like this for not only the men but for the ladies too remember gold diggers come in all sizes,shapes and colours. Well sa this one is scary
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