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Got Your Visa?
Wednesday, 26 November, 2014
6 Recommends
LG  *  1-Dec-2014 "a waz born wid it" Can't help it... "I got it from my Momma" (that's why I keep ten eyes on LG lite) She getting it from her Momma
Pancake man  *  1-Dec-2014
lol lol whoooooo
LG  *  28-Nov-2014
Hey's why I claimed it. Beyonce have nothing on LG. Lol. That's Mr LG and Mr LG jr. ...LG lite stayed with
whineup  *  28-Nov-2014
Oooo LG and you got bootie to, sms well who dat wid you RH and PM???
Pancake man  *  27-Nov-2014
lol lol okay TURKEY lo sorry LG lol
LG  *  27-Nov-2014
Welcome back RH.. LOL @ PM... RH Mister Pm full a jokes this morning.. He CORN-iER than the corn bread a have in the anyway.. Welcome back.. LG dont leave home without Her Visa, MC or AMEX.. So I not getting tun back.. lol..Gobble Gobble Pm.. (wink wink)
Pancake man  *  27-Nov-2014
lol LG well long time I aint hear about Mr Scissors hand... Good show... I want him come trim my trees for me, see if you can get him nuh lol lol ....... Well Well there's a stranger in the roughHOUSE (singing Tamia) lol lol How was canada before you got BOOTED like Mr Cocckaa hahahahhaahhaahaha
Rough House  *  26-Nov-2014
LG i'm back! I just got thrown out of Canada due to the fact I was there without a Visa but now it is required, I had to leave and apply for my Visa to cross the border once again. Toonman you didn't waste anytime capitalizing on this Canadian Visa requirement.
SHANALU  *  26-Nov-2014
thats good
Femme Pouvoir  *  26-Nov-2014
Toonist you ain't making joke with thus passport issue but the man in the green Irep shirt looks like an iraquian well ain't blaming them to safeguard their borders.
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
Pm you have me sounding like a mini Tante Merle. You want me curse off the Immigration man and get thrown in jail like Madea... No! No... LG don't look good is and them prisoners have they own hair stylist (Edward Scissor Hands) lol..Them mugshots don't look good at mm..not LG... LG know when to zip her lip!.. lol.. You can star in Part 2 all by yourself.. lol
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
Hey Toonman this needs a PART 2 , I want see what LG tell or do the security or who she going to curse about her MASSA (green) CARD hahahahahhaahahhaaha
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
i love the hair LG...WOW WOW you rockin it
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
Check out PM trying to travel without a VISA.....
LG  *  26-Nov-2014
Pm a had my Visa only to Discover that My American Depress days are over thanks to Massa-(green)Card! LOL.. ....I like my outfit Toonman...
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
awwwwwww dont get MAD, get GLAD lol lol lol and put that security inside and go through the door lol lol lol lol just better go SXM
Pancake man  *  26-Nov-2014
Miss LG where you think you going?? You aint hear that you need a visa to go canada HAHAHAHAHA or is that Gbaby.... either way you cant pass... come back SKN lol lol
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