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World AIDS Day...
Monday, 1 December, 2014
7 Recommends
Jewel  *  5-Dec-2014
*A serious toon.* Hopefully people would catch the message and protect themselves at all cost. And hopefully more people will go out and get tested .It will prolong their lives and protect the lives of others.
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
De legal kinda legal which wont get me in trouble sms
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
how much legal? I wonder how much you pay for that WHINEUP I hear IDENTITY giving away at reasonable prices lol lol
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
Yh man PM me legal
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
ummmmmmmmmm okay?? do you believe that LG???
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
lol lol LG how will know the REAL whineup standing up lol .... I dont understand why this imposter trying to give WHINEUP bad name lol
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
Its me my girl ama standing ama back man...i know i was mia but yh its me...sms
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
Pm I think there's an imposter in the Toon House. We need to check whineup credentials!... Will the real Whineup please stand up!
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
I trying to figure out which one has it, i can raise my class to dat, am positive am negative...sms which suits me cause am a negative person
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
PM. Thanks to you and Femme for opening up the discussion. Some topics can be touchy which make people shy away, but we still need to talk (and you know LG neither shy or short on words)
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
hahahahahahahahahaha LOL lol that movie still around?? lol lol thats an old EDDIE MURPHY movie
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
And that's why I said we/people need to be more educated about the situation... thank you for the schooling, I appreciate it
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
Wind Flitters and fry ice??? Thank goodness I'm not sitting behind Okay Professor Should we clap our hands and sing.. "Hercules, Hercules"!! lol
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
and that's just it PM.. It's not only from unprotected sex. There's now a laundry load list of ways HIV is contracted and the treatment. We/People just need to keep educating ourselves. I had blood drawn last week and LG just kept all her eyes on that nurse to make sure everything was coming clean out of a new package. so sex, dirty needles, passing from mom to baby,, there's a whole list of ways. not just sex, but thanks to Toonman for the PSA message. Education is key..
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
LOL LG, thanks FemmePouvoir... I said that to say for something like this serious issue... I thought it would be a discussion or debate of somewhat... not to joke about but something to EDUCATE the people of the world especially the YOUNG PEOPLE who doesnt know the risk or consequences of having UNPROTECTED SEX. I thank Toonman for his toon but I dont think it should of been blank of meaningful advises and suggestions from the Toonman FAMILY (big smile) ................ WELL WELL LG give me some of that nuh.... I have here wind flitters and fry ice for my lunch (sad face)
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
Because it's a PSA announcement PM. It's not for us to add or takeaway to or from.. Now back to my saltfish and green banana brunch with this watered down coffee!
Femme Pouvoir  *  2-Dec-2014
Nobody commenting on this issue but what if your positive and the results are negative and with many with their evil ways continue to infect others,what a nasty world we live in. Life is not fair but God is good
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
mmmmmmm I wonder why noone commented on this yet........
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