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When Parents Downplay The Truth
Tuesday, 2 December, 2014
6 Recommends
cherry  *  4-Dec-2014
omg this is sooo true....parents eh
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
You be grounded for life Pm, how d bum you go eat and ain want wash no dishes,,LG yes cause i like your comment so there should be a like button :) am a bit woozy but i will get there intime...whineup just whining up ma...lolol
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
I will help you.. so me garn.. No dirty kitchen in Toonland
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
anyway LG im going to start washing these MOUNTAINS of dishes before Whineup (woman in the toon) give me some kicks and box...and ground me for not washing her PARTY dishes
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
I don't All I notice is that she went MIA (missing in action or Miami whichever) and went from Whineup to Whinedung!... Whineup vs
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
lol lol LG you quoting lines from BAD BOYS movie... whineup say she legal so I ask her how much she pay for the WHINEUP passport lol lol
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
Then again maybe that's You indeed PM.. No one said that woman made the mess. Just maybe it was PM "I Cant cook JR" wid he farsing self made that mess after trying to make pancakes!!.. (how you like that scenario)
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
lol lol i like how LG in your skin lol lol maybe thats her in the toon calling carlos...with her wicked self...
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
PM this is not an all women issue. Is just she! the one in the toon (or whomever it is being portrayed).. Watch it.. LG not going let you go there with your ...."sigh women" comment.. now I will whoosah since whineup confusing th crappola out of you..
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
@whineup.....whenever she having the party again...I will SNEAK in as a guest and eat til i cant move...LOL LOL LOL lol and sleep in the lol when she calling me next time I put up a sign saying GONE TO SCHOOL, BE BACK WHEN DISHES CLEARED lol lol
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
Like I've said before... Will the real whineup please stand up? A LIKE BUTTON whineup!! Huh..(scratching my weave) what an original idea!.. Huh! (baffled look)
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
DISHWASHER??? RoughHouse look how I would of put the dishes in the cupboards DIRTY..... I would of wash the dishes in my hands (spoon fork and cup) no more.........WICKEDNESS SIGH mothers..........sigh women......
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
Well Pm aka Carlos, a who house you a go sleep in when you refuse to wash dem and food you a go nam???
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
girl WHINEUP I do believe that my mother had a party when I went to school and then want me wash the TWO DISHES............she too lie STRUPEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS
Pancake man  *  2-Dec-2014
narrrrrrrrr man I would of pull that woman by her GREEN cloth and ley she wash ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL dem dishes.....she out of her nar wash none, NOT ME NOT ME NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
Carlos next time wash wa you eat ffrom den dem wont add up so, well well
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
We need a like button for the comments, LG dats like a year worth of dishes for me maybe 2 sms, who she was cooking for a hotel
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
Lioness & RH I hope you right about the restaurant / catering part because if not then lilke my grandmother would say......"That is the height of wutlissness" lol. I cook last week for a big group and at no time did the place full up a dutty dishes so. She need to hire a Kitchen-Maid service to get caught up. Me wouldn't eat out a the kitchen dey tall boy!.. Poor fellow. Well she did say wash TWO.. so maybe she going do the rest! lol
Lioness  *  2-Dec-2014
I know I wouldn't a wash none LOL. Unless she is a caterer I don't see how so much dishes get dirty.
Rough House  *  2-Dec-2014
LG, it seems like she running a restaurant from home. I wonder if he didn't get the memo about him being the dishwasher? LOL
so  *  2-Dec-2014
lolol this is so true
whineup  *  2-Dec-2014
Brahahahahahahahaha, boy wash wa in de sink boy not wa else where....lolololololololol
LG  *  2-Dec-2014
Pancake Man you know you wrong!! lol
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