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Out With The Old In With The New
Thursday, 4 December, 2014
5 Recommends
LG  *  5-Dec-2014
It's Nene Leeekes? LOL>>LOL>> PM you too much, but you just don't give Toonman a headache.. He should mek the next toon about
Pancake man  *  5-Dec-2014
Mr Toonman next cartoon ppleeeeaaaasssseeeeee I fed up of seeing this tramp in black.... who bottom lip is FAT like one the characters on Fat Albert lol lol lol come like she had a PLASTIC SURGERY GONE BAD hahahahahhaahhahhahahaha
Pancake man  *  5-Dec-2014
lol lol LG u head aint good at all.............
LG  *  5-Dec-2014
Hey G... Girl is this you? Remember how you say you like double You change you mind now? Girl G it's a trick.. Keep de
G-Baby  *  5-Dec-2014
lol lol lol lol lol lol
Lioness  *  5-Dec-2014
WAHAHAHHA! LG say double outta style. Well I think i'm going to look a govt man for December too (winks)
LG  *  4-Dec-2014
Toonman why she only wearing lipstick on her top lip? ....goodnight.
Frank  *  4-Dec-2014
The simple point of the cartoon is that The PM would be willing to do anything to win the Election--which will be held incidentally pretty soon after Carnival/Christmas Festivities... Think Symbolically people, not Literally.
Bob  *  4-Dec-2014
Empty the Budget Douggie! So when Unity tek over dey no ga no money to Spend. Spend de Money! And win de Election! And Let Harris and dem "Go to France."
Femme Pouvoir  *  4-Dec-2014
He should expect this as he came into her life at the double and now triple is paying she has to find a triple individual .Anyway when that finish she is going to return to Mr double
tripod  *  4-Dec-2014
no money no honey as de say!
Just me  *  4-Dec-2014
Oh Well! She going with the flow.. Follow the leader. Hope she know that come January, or after the "imminent election" she will be paying Quadruple.. He going give us 80 and tek back 320... How you like it? So, So, or So?
Business Owner  *  4-Dec-2014
Milk Woman if you increase the taxes my taxable income I will just lay off more employees. More strain on the economy. Did your PM think about that.
Got Milk  *  4-Dec-2014
Well wonder if Mr going give me one out d triple but wait dey one for he one for me and one for d baby, well guess am getting double after all...sms
Mixup  *  4-Dec-2014
Local Gyul (LG)  *  4-Dec-2014
Thanks for explaining that aspect of it, but I'm of the frugal generation so, more money in my pocket means more savings for me! So that big IF (more people spend) is just that. IF.. What happens IF they Don't. (no need to answer) we will see next year as I always air on the side that a promise is.... just fools comfort. We will see. Thanks MW
Milk Woman  *  4-Dec-2014
LG, you misunderstood my comment an increase of revenue for the consolidated fund does not mean the government will impose new taxes or an increase in the tax burden. If more people are spending the business houses will make more money which means their taxable income will increase. Basic math. Plus the PM did promise a tax free budget and we have had two years of surpluses something we did not have leading up to 2010.
all tax payers need some  *  4-Dec-2014
all of us are tax payers..... why can't all of us benefit from the moneys used to pay double and triple salary.
LG  *  4-Dec-2014
and @ Chris B! Water sinks to it's own level! If that's the kind of woman he went after.. then that's what he got!! Players get Played.. there are decent men & women out there. He obviously knew she was in it for the Double! but he put up with it to get what he wanted.. SO..Pimping comes with a price!
LG  *  4-Dec-2014
@Milk Woman. I usually shy away from the poli-TRICKS, but.... Question.. While it maybe nice to get a triple salary (especially during holidays)..where is the money coming from? So they pay you and then reimburse the treasury from increase taxes impose on you/me? So Paying Peter and then Next year robbing him to pay him back?
Milk Woman  *  4-Dec-2014
A triple salary will spur a lot of consumer spending. Which means the inflows of tax revenue to the treasury will increase. There is nothing fiscally irresponsible about that.
CB  *  4-Dec-2014
SMH! These hors aint loyal!
Pancake man  *  4-Dec-2014
lol lol LG that's harsh lol lol i was just joking...... gosh you giving me alot of licks eh
explore  *  4-Dec-2014
A citizen  *  4-Dec-2014
Paying TRIPLE is down right fiscally irresponsible. Douglas is outta style.
LG  *  4-Dec-2014
Lookey here PM.. Mr. LG not no cunumunu and LG not a Golddigger. So watch youself. She got de cocacola shape, but she attitude sour like lemon- lime. You think I could have twist up and whineup so on Mr. way!!. I would be doing a single whine by myself! He need to cuss she off Santa Style!!!!!.. (wha dat song sant sing again) oh yeah!!!!.. Ho Ho Ho!
Pancake man  *  4-Dec-2014
whooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (with tongue on the ground and eyes popped out) LG LG LG well well you whinning might get 6 or 10 man in one with that look you wearing lol lol why you doing Mr LG so eh..thats not fair....anyways once you getting to pay for the bills thats fine lol lol lol DOUBLE OUTTA STYLE
whineup  *  4-Dec-2014
So she only want him for de Christmas,sms, toonman fix she eye brows dem dey birdie, she might get two,lololol
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