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How Will Santa Get Here?
Friday, 5 December, 2014
2 Recommends
Rough House  *  8-Dec-2014
Santa, the ticket agent already told you what is what. Step aside and move out the other passengers way, you and you full confidence suit. I am sure you with all the confidence you've got, no confidence will get you on that aircraft without the place of birth in your passport. GO GET ANOTHER PASSPORT MAN!!!
Pancake man  *  8-Dec-2014
choosen one  *  7-Dec-2014
nice one
LG  *  5-Dec-2014
Thats not Santa!... That's a crossed-eye Fakesta! Wid he fahwud self. First of all.. coming to our neck of the woods 6 weeks late! Holding up the line, Calling our immigration person all out of her name! and to top it off...Coming with a fake passport!! a done tell you all "Santa Claus Dont Come to the Ghetto" (a no me sing it) That's a excommunicated Santa looking for economic citizenship!
no way  *  5-Dec-2014
Santa is HOT look at those gorgeous blue eyes oh la la
nappy  *  5-Dec-2014
is canada santa went no
Femme Pouvoir  *  5-Dec-2014
Love the spin on this one can't even see Santa face so I can't even tell his nationality hurry up put in the correct articles so we can tell his real identity. She must vex as what she wanted to say is even Santa got a we passport
Jewel  *  5-Dec-2014
TBOY  *  5-Dec-2014
Nice one toon man very funny. We might need a visa man soon instead of a passport man.
whineup  *  5-Dec-2014
lolol, Santa a travel by plane now sms, wonder if Rudolph gat d Chickengunya, well a wa she behind dey wex fah, she aint get no SK passpaort nuh? hahaaaa
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