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What's Mine Is Yours
Tuesday, 9 December, 2014
5 Recommends
LG  *  10-Dec-2014
PM a hope that ghetto juice (aka Kool-Aid) not full a shugah) cause those potatoes look dry dry! two likkle dry peas, No mushroom sauce....ah mean Toonman could have pulled a Paula Dean and drown the potatoes in that woman want to eat food that don't look appetizing? see how he hand feeding she the She should know he up to no good!
Pancake man  *  10-Dec-2014
yes LG that what you called FRUIT PUNCH lol lol very rich and tasty... lol lol lol yes Mixup...but I wish it was real
Mixup  *  10-Dec-2014
You all aint realize is imagine he a imagine d alligator biting off she hand when she go teif out he food....sms
Tripod  *  9-Dec-2014
Then de dog no eat em, in to de garage de go
Tripod  *  9-Dec-2014
And he no eat em
LG  *  9-Dec-2014
Femme I think Toonman is starting to give us subliminal political messages....but a watching him...see the red kool-aid.. just like it took me a few days to figure out the double salary I have to be careful how I respond to the toons...RED KOOl-AID?????
Femme Pouvoir  *  9-Dec-2014
What is mines is yours for real because if the alligator belongs to you then it belongs to her too . SO ALL IN ALL SORRY FOR BOTH OF YOU AS YOU BOTH HAVE TO CONTEND WITH THIS PET
Rough House  *  9-Dec-2014
Typical woman. They never want any food when your out with them, or they usually say " I only want a little so don't buy two plate. By the time we men by ours, they eat most of it and we men still have to find something else to eat or return to the same place to purchase another plate. My wife did this to me three times, I decided not to wait for a fourth time. Once were together, I always buy two plate of food, what she leaves in her plate I will eat. Partner a know how you feel!
FREEWILLY  *  9-Dec-2014
LG  *  9-Dec-2014
You're a slow eater Pancake Man! "You have Food All Ova" de you eating slow! lol..De alligator only come to help you... or teach you..(whichever one)
Pancake man  *  9-Dec-2014
lol lol LG stop eat out my food..... look right i wish the alligator was real to eat off your hand HAHAHAHAAHAHJAHAHA
whineup  *  9-Dec-2014
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