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Out With The Old In With The New part 2
Wednesday, 10 December, 2014
4 Recommends
LG  *  11-Dec-2014
No PM..Not dem bottom there.. No LG don't want to look like that.. My Grandmother would call those pure Wutliss Them things Toonman draw there look like they are fed off pure Collard Greens & Fatback.. a lot a Mickey..D's too.. LG is more refined than that!
Pancake man  *  11-Dec-2014
LG I cant say TO THE LEFT that's the female version with rihanna, TO THE RIGHT is the man version lol lol EASY NO MAN....... you aint easy at all, I wonder if you is one of those BOTTOM IN THE ROAD lol lol lol hahhhahahahaahaha
LG  *  11-Dec-2014
TO THE LEFT PM! THE use your GPS PM.. Ah don't like giving man TO THE LEFT PM!...Good Marning!
Pancake man  *  11-Dec-2014
only someone like you Choosenone would talk like that... I wouldnt want that chick, I would pack her bags (as Tripod said) and went by the door for her and say TO THE RIGHT.... TO THE RIGHT.... EVERYTHING YOU OWN IS IN THE BOX TO THE RIGHT (LG you know that song)HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I FED UP OF HER TWISTUP UNEVEN LIPS AND BROAD NOSE LOL lol
Hard Wuk  *  11-Dec-2014
Well Sice she sure of half from him, she just have to wuk a litle harder and get to more guys outside...take it easy she going be home a little later than she originally planned. She will still end up with three half salaries. Now go home and buy a soap..!
FemmePouvoir  *  10-Dec-2014
But who knows she might get the triple man what might happen is that the man who got double pay gonna borrow a single from he partner and add it to his double to male it triple.Girl you gonna be set for the rest of the year if you use it wisely but knowing you that done even before you get it on all sort of ttings
choosen one  *  10-Dec-2014
yes i agree with you miss sell it to d highest bidder. wait a few more hours one will come alone
TRIPOD  *  10-Dec-2014
Hmmmm  *  10-Dec-2014
He better leave she alone because the next time around, she really going leave his back-side for another man. Just imagine the man pleading to her to come back, and she there with she face screw, bout "whatever". Boy, Leave she lone mine... RUN!!!
LG  *  10-Dec-2014
YES PM..Cause a de same look like she have that a have on my face looking at the computer!..Except I'm saying!!!... REALLY? REALLY TOONMAN? Same position.... (strike meant Same toon part 2) lol...Do Over me
Pancake man  *  10-Dec-2014
REFUND???? lol lol otay otay LG toonman better do it over lol
TBOY  *  10-Dec-2014
Ha tek dat Greedy women are the worst.
LG  *  10-Dec-2014
PM..All I'm saying is ....ah didn't expect no part 2 of this clowntrickery (is that a If them kind a man dey still exist..LG goin have to recruit one for her unmarried Kin! I thought the golddigger done long gone bout she bisness!, but Nooooooooo !!! Toonman bring she back and because she cute and all (not that LG de man tek she back...TM did not tell us bout no part 2..Failure to Disclose.. lol..LG does like to get a refund she she's dissatisfied.. So a want a do
Pancake man  *  10-Dec-2014
LG LG LG LG you sound like you is toonman boss lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  10-Dec-2014
LG part 1 was the looooonnnnnggggggg wait she was doing outside trying and looking for a man with triple salary but none there.... Part 1 was when she tell her man that she gone go look a TRIPLE SALARY MAN lol lol he and she deserve each other, they muuumuu SIGH
Pancake man  *  10-Dec-2014
ah ha ley she tek dat... what you gon do now?? no man there with triple salary lol lol hahhahahahahaha
Femme Pouvoir  *  10-Dec-2014
He wants to practise what he preaches to stick with one partner and stay no one knows what Mr triple have in store, I understand you boy you both can make it with the little that you have
LG  *  10-Dec-2014
Toonman how you going come up with Part 2 when you never mentioned Part 1? That's called "Failure to Disclose"...ah mean we kind of know it was Inevitable,..but come on Toonman. "Aint Nobody Got Time For That" (Sweet Brown)... We already knew it was a trick.. We need a do-over today...LG.. (a signing like you TM)
Rough House  *  10-Dec-2014
Watch him, bout you better come back. She made him from spare parts man!!
LG  *  10-Dec-2014
That must be some GOLDEN CHURN BUTTERMILK she got there either that he real CUNUMUNU! I want the kind of hold she have over him....Then again I don't want a He real DOTISH!..
whineup  *  10-Dec-2014
Well wa kinda dankey bum he be bout "you better come back"
Bottom in the Road  *  10-Dec-2014
She better go back with the boy because he willing... Bout she want triple!!! Duggie fool she and all. she thought he was going say triple with the gossip she heard, now it turn out she got a duggie... Young gal, behave yourself with you double man and cool
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