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Thursday, 11 December, 2014
7 Recommends
A Hogs dey Be  *  13-Dec-2014
Dem dey a HOG.....a HOG dey be......dem dey a HOGS, A HOGS DEY BE!!
C24  *  12-Dec-2014
TBOY, Sounds like you're getting your ham and pork from the "black market".
LG  *  12-Dec-2014
TBoy you can grab Biscuit. Then you will have a whole pig to yourself!.. lol...Pancakes and Sausage I say! Watch out Pancake man.. You're
TBOY  *  12-Dec-2014
Pancake man  *  12-Dec-2014
LOl LOL LOL LG well Toonman need to do another toon with another farm animal lol
LG  *  12-Dec-2014
PM I prefer Duck for Christmas.. ALL politrickians are DUCKS!!! if you don't believe me ask them a question..........See how they Duck de answer and give you such a chupit answer it makes you QUACK UP!
G-Baby  *  12-Dec-2014
LOL a like tha one nappy a believe u
Pancake man  *  12-Dec-2014
Miss all the pigs jump in a pick up and ran away... lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  12-Dec-2014
But LG how all those pigs hold in that small pick up lol lol you mean to tell me that nobody helping BISCUIT? And that one on the roof bout FORWARD FORWARD... I want driver pull a hard brakes and he fall off lol lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  12-Dec-2014
Toonman you getting good... Nice one....But you forget the turkey...PART 2 : draw something that when the Farmer come back to the farm with SON in his hand that the turkey dem catching a plane or digging a hole like they in JAIL lol lol lol be creative be smart... Its HAM and TURKEY for christmas
nappy  *  12-Dec-2014
all a dem in parliament das y no ham on de shelf dey busy rooting up church street and ppl pocket
Pancake man  *  12-Dec-2014
lol lol hahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahaha LG whoooooooooooo this sweet me lol lol this is so true... But i still looking for my ham ham ham
LG  *  11-Dec-2014
Femme a done tell you all that new lady boss found a new backdoor creative way to make Toonman interject politics into the toons!
Femme Pouvoir  *  11-Dec-2014
Which these hogs really be I hope those are not he same ones the PM talking about. They look fresh and nice anyway it is a good thing they running away before they get axed by the butcher Mr Burt that DJ Gallis do talk about on winn fm the best black pudding man
whineup  *  11-Dec-2014
Lolol @ Biscuit
LG  *  11-Dec-2014
Put down de bacon PM!...PM Ley go de pig!
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