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Parliament Daycare Services
Friday, 12 December, 2014
14 Recommends
Another look  *  15-Dec-2014
for those of you like me who dont know all who represent what number here is a link with all the ministers
A Citizen  *  15-Dec-2014
Unity members quiet when labour members talk. labour like fishwife in a market when Unity members speak, interrupting repeatedly and extensively. Labour is totally disrespectful of the House. The Speaker is biased - he truly sings for his supper.
Mr Music  *  13-Dec-2014
lol...whoiiiii... eh tweet me
Sugar  *  13-Dec-2014
I should have been in charge of these babies... All ah dem wudda get dey tail cut!
whineup  *  13-Dec-2014
@ TBoy Whineup can tek stress man n i know just how to deal wid dem, i have 6
Femme Pouvoir  *  13-Dec-2014
From hogs to babes.Anyway a babe shall lead them,but these hogs don't want to give the babe's a chance to rule
LG  *  12-Dec-2014
Guess we can call this reality show..."Real Political Babies of St Kitts/Nevis" ..Move over Andy Cohen... LG hosting this reunion!..... Nice one Toonman
Bottom in the road  *  12-Dec-2014
Toonman, I give you credit... You got the speaker on point!!! WOW!!! Looks and everything else... I think babies behave far better than how the speaker and the labor party behaves.
Mary  *  12-Dec-2014
voltramax  *  12-Dec-2014
Big deal. This is all part of the process as the speaker said. next toon.
TBOY  *  12-Dec-2014
Whineup, that babysitter gon tired get stress LOL
Sknobjectivecitizen  *  12-Dec-2014
It's like the behavior in parliament gets worse every year. cross talking, shouting, screaming and name calling. You would think they want to kill each other. My Gosh we know they laugh it off but still.
whineup  *  12-Dec-2014
Babysitter anyone???
TBOY  *  12-Dec-2014
Pancake man  *  12-Dec-2014
lol lol Toonman I like this I like this whoooooooiiiii This is funny lol lol u got the numbers right with the various statements
Lioness  *  12-Dec-2014
Toonman you on the ball with this one cause majority of them in parliament act like a bunch of babies. This is the toon of the year! LOL
Rough House  *  12-Dec-2014
Toonman we expect that kind of behavior from babies, but the memebers of the house really proves "Once A Man Twice A Child" Only certain members of the house do not behave like kids. Ghost and Asim are usually quiet on the government side, and Brantley and Vance are usually quiet on the opposition side. The rest members need to be thrown out right away when their rude and disorderly manner starts. OUT THE DOOR THEY SHOULD GO!
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