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In The Blink Of An Eye!
Tuesday, 16 December, 2014
4 Recommends
penaydo  *  17-Dec-2014
please note that if your a PEP worker. you'll only be getting a 1 months pay:) only those who ARE government workers will get DOUBLE (^_^)
LG  *  17-Dec-2014
Forget their own website... They need their own Beg-site!, Okay... Okay a done..a done having fun at Femme's expense.. lol... Got to go earn my bonus.. lol
LG  *  17-Dec-2014
PM ...A 20 (TWENTY) A DEM Femme say you know.. TWENTY!... We going have to call her FEMME That is not no Brady Bunch.. That sound more like Kate + 11 + 8 or the DUGGAR's.. Lawd Poor arbey Femme. lol.. Femme you going have to start taking vacation round Christmas and Birthday time.. Disappear like RT &
Pancake man  *  17-Dec-2014
Lol lol LG I dont think that Femme brady bunch will appreciate the picture of a $20 lol lol they will go on bad for the real DOLLAR.... bout you TEKKIN BACK gifts sigh I want me gift Ms LG (woman who getting alot of cat boils in your face) lol lol lol
LG  *  17-Dec-2014
Femme done put all she business pan Toon-Street bout her bills and how much and so forth..... We going have to start a Sou-Sou for Femme.. Femme just tek a picture of a $20.00 bill and text it to all a dem you hear!... lol
LG  *  17-Dec-2014
IT's a "TEK BACK" kind of season! cause all these promises being made going be "Tek Back" next year! LG just figure she going get a head start! lol..and PM.. you calling me Farrse, lol, but you still asking bout Tman gift? A bet if you looking in the Toon Pictionary (that's all TM draw).. under Farrse.. You pickcha right
whineup  *  17-Dec-2014
What a laugh you all cracking me up, my coworkers want know wa wrong wid me
whineup  *  17-Dec-2014
Lololol @ LG Prahahahaha
Pancake man  *  17-Dec-2014
LOL LOL LOL well eh eh give me some of that money nuh LG... let me give Femme some to pay all those bills .....OH MY GOSH thats too much... hope you salary FAT like one of those christmas pigs in the truck lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  17-Dec-2014
well sah... Miss why you took back our gifts?? How come you aint tell us what Toonman gift be lol we want know too.... I love this presents you ALMOST got us... well well I got you a gift (not telling you what it is becuz you too fast) but I will hold it there until NEXT YEAR
LG  *  16-Dec-2014
Femme a took back the triple salary man too cause a hear some a dem Politrickians get Quadruple cheques this month. So a ge back de double and de triple!..A sharing de Quadruple with He wuk 4 it!
Femme Pouvoir  *  16-Dec-2014
LG you got me cracking up the sweetest laugh for 2014. To think of it the little that I am getting my nephews and nieces already texting me and telling me what they want and if each want $100 and it is 20 of them and rent is $700,Internet is $145,water $20,electricity $95,food ain't included yet only $100 and something I gonna left with it seems as if I got to go look for the triple salary man to help me out
LG  *  16-Dec-2014
PM you stop dey! LG done pay she bills! and all those expensive gifts I bought for are you......I took them back to the store too.. Took back the Pancake Syrup I bought you!>(cause you too sweet for yourself).. Took back "Words with Friends" I bought for G-Baby! (bout lol all the time)......Took back the "Word Scramble" book I bought for Femme. (lawd she does confuse me sometimes).. Took back the "Men are from mars..women from venus" book I bought for Choosen One! (you know why) Took Back the "Double Identity" game I bought for whineup!.(mmm mm)... So me pocket full again.. so are you stop dey.... LG not broke!..LOL.. oh yeah.. A keeping Toonman present... A giving it to him in person!...LOL
Femme Pouvoir  *  16-Dec-2014
Well PM it seems like you listening to ASTRO carnival therapy so that you ain't paying any bills until next year lucky you mInes going into late payment of my insurance and mortgage so you know that gone in anyway a giVing thanks
Pancake man  *  16-Dec-2014
mine going into SXM shopping this year.. lol and some saving... not a mortgage or bills unitl next year.... and me aint got no CHICK CHICK to say COME COME lol lol lol
Pancake man  *  16-Dec-2014
lol lol lol well LG you and your husband gone in... well well you double salary dead just like your husband over on the floor loll lol whooooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
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