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Selective Hearing.
Tuesday, 30 December, 2014
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Pancake man  *  5-Jan-2015
lol lol if you say so , i hear you LG i hear you lol lol
LG  *  5-Jan-2015
lol. No PM I don't a thing!..(furthermore you noted the consequences Toonman gave on DEC 24th. but when it's a contant opening line for "Pillow Talk" then a gready are you gready!. or Raybin..however you say it..and LG stands for.. (Good! LOL so no worries..
Pancake man  *  5-Jan-2015
AAANNNNYYYYYWAAAYYYYYS WOMEN always selective in their hearing... picking out what they want to hear lol
Pancake man  *  5-Jan-2015
lol lol LG thanks for the new years laugh... oi wonder why you would get a headache after the statement "I love you" i guess you doubt that love or something a go on with that ting dey...whhoooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii a cheat he a cheat lol lol
LG  *  5-Jan-2015
The toon was fine till them people muck it up! It's depicting how women process information. A lesson for you PM... You say one thing.. We hear the other (depends on our mood) .. You say.."Honey I love You"...... I start planning a headache.. LOL
Pancake man  *  5-Jan-2015
LG im so lost in this chat and this cartoon.... why this woman so muumuu, she aint hear her husband got in an accident, but that nurse could of state her business properly.... Toonman this cartoon need better explanation..... UGGGGGGHHHHHHH
//  *  31-Dec-2014
Tripod tell to much lie bo. How chicken with wing going fit in a can.
LG  *  30-Dec-2014
I'm lost... did she and the chicken owner get in de accident???? all kind a confused!!!!!!
tripod  *  30-Dec-2014
this from a guy that serves wings from a tin can, lol, get serious man
tripod  *  30-Dec-2014
so it was your crapp wings
bobsey  *  30-Dec-2014
maybe it was the boat food el cheapo
tripod  *  30-Dec-2014
tell that to my anus that was squirtin for days when I was on that carnival boat
tripod  *  30-Dec-2014
boo hooo
tripod  *  30-Dec-2014
bobsey  *  30-Dec-2014
You full a crapp tripod
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