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Desperate Measures.
Thursday, 1 January, 2015
5 Recommends
LG  *  7-Jan-2015
Not so fast RH. Toonman deserves a vacation too! or maybe he still on top that tree like a Christmas Angel trying to get a reception, but in any case...he deserves a break....and.....TP (no pun intended) ...stop mucking up de man toons!
tripod  *  7-Jan-2015
:( boo hoo
Rough House  *  7-Jan-2015
Toonman like he got fired for the new year. Out with the old toonman, in with the new.
whineup  *  5-Jan-2015
Boy Jimmie aka PM main gun tell you again eh
Pancake man  *  5-Jan-2015
ooooooooooooooh thats what I want to know, who the heck he think he be to come to Toon city and ruin the whole town making it bad for us villagers lol lol bout chicken in tin can.... a wa story dat eh struuppeesssss lol lol Toonman we got your back
LG  *  5-Jan-2015
Happy New Year PM. Happy New Year Toon Fam.. Toonman protesting and rightfully see how Tripod or nimrod or whatever e name be mash up de man toon on Dec you late all night drawing toons and smady highjack you toon talking bout chicken?
Pancake man  *  5-Jan-2015
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYBODY IN TOON CITY... Toonman Happy New Year to you, but i aint see you do any new year cartoon up to yet :(
Pancake man  *  5-Jan-2015
maybe he using CHIPPIE because they got shipped out of SK by chesters lol lol so thats why he in a tree trying to catch the plane (chippie staff inside of it) lol lol
Jane  *  1-Jan-2015
Anybody has a walkie-talkie for sale?
LG  *  1-Jan-2015
Femme how smart is a phone and it doesn't work without reception. Seems to me the only "smart" ones are the companies laughing all the way to bank while we have the latest phones without reception..
Femme Pouvoir  *  1-Jan-2015
that the only place he can go to send his text messages to his love one but I wonder which network he using as they all boasting of reception available in all areas and still you having problems or that or he phone ain't good or or dated .He ain't see everybody using smartphone he got to come with it man
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