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What A Way To Start The New Year...
Thursday, 8 January, 2015
5 Recommends
Sazon  *  13-Jan-2015
Well LG u and Pancake man Large, nttn like aww u...hahaha
TBOY  *  10-Jan-2015
Happy New year to all. May this year be fill with peace, blessings and success. For those of you who are mourning may you find comfort.
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
lol lol LG and whineup
LG  *  9-Jan-2015
BIG FAN... I found the clip of Pancake Man (aka Oliver) and Gbaby (aka Donna) on their date at KFC..... LOL.... LOL... I can never stop laughing at this clip.. Imposter Rasta PM
whineup  *  9-Jan-2015
We at Toonville can tek jokes and make jokes and President Toonman can make fun of us any time he likes, am sure am speaking for all with this comment,sms, i look hungry boy PM please for some pancakes, oh by the way i have a thing for locks.....wonder if i could eat that apple on my laptop, but it looks like somebody done fus me...lolol
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
LG  *  9-Jan-2015
it's not's.... Hair-edit-ty!.... lol
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
LG stop stressing out the man, making all his hair drop out lol lol lol
G-Baby  *  9-Jan-2015
LOL yes thank u, thank u, thank u bk in the building with words
LG  *  9-Jan-2015
Hey "G" Welcome back...Gyul G... it look like you read your book "Words With Friends" from beginning to end.. You come back using up your 30,000 words all at once..LOL.. welcome back..
LG  *  9-Jan-2015
You guys are too funny!...anyhow RH we just least I am...cause Mr. LG balder (is that a word) than a bowling ball...LOL.. He had hair once,,,but that was before Marriage and Two Kids, mortgage and maintain just own you style you hear RH..and work it good.... lol
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
Gbaby i think that RoughHouse made a mistake to put shaving cream in his hair instead of conditioner lol lol so when he washing it out all he hair fall out hahahahahhahaaha
Pancake man  *  9-Jan-2015
Bob in ToonVille we know how to take jokes okay... this is SKN and we make jokes and laugh it off... Right toonman, dont study them.... I realised that Toonman was sending a TEXT to the chairman to get a new laptop (when he climb the tree) but he got no luck.......GBAby welcome back WELCOME oh Gbaby why u mashing us up like that...
G-Baby  *  9-Jan-2015
Like Femme Pouvoir say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the toonheads an to u as well toonman......LG first of all i love the look of your laptop an dont mine PM for laughing at ur face he will be the one to wanna rub it down after he see's it smooth...PM share the pancake's an stop be so gutless....whineup oh whineup y are u sad u need to turn ur frown upside down... now the last one the TOONHEAD BOXER Rough Houes is that the new style or the girls jus love to rub down the shine head????
Big Fan  *  9-Jan-2015
RH need rogaine... lol @ LG "Just Scrape off de bacon and ge me de fowl"...lmao lmao
b  *  9-Jan-2015
RH need rogaine...
TQ  *  8-Jan-2015
Bob  *  8-Jan-2015
Toon Man better be careful not to make too much fun of people. See what just happened in Paris, France? Some people can't tek joke.
Femme Pouvoir  *  8-Jan-2015
Perhaps it it toon man who had to climb to the top of the tree to get reception in order to send the text to his girl it seems as if bad luck already on his side for 2015.Oh happy new year to all and may luck and prosperity come knocking at our doors
LG  *  8-Jan-2015
PM are you saying that RH need Turtle Wax? LOL.. I know I should be the last to laugh with all that Avocado Mask, but I'm owning mine..(that way you cant laugh)..but that head of RH? lol... Mercy Me..
Pancake man  *  8-Jan-2015
lol lol lol lol RH head tooooooo bald
Pancake man  *  8-Jan-2015
yes whineup that suppose to be you lol lol dont know why toonman do you so.. LG i well want see this action movie you planning to play lol seem interesting to go up the CINEMA to watch hahahhaahaaha RH need some hair lotion for that head
LG  *  8-Jan-2015 That's you in the orange section...Rough House right below you in the yellow section....boxing gloves and all.. RH done beat all the hair off his own We need to get Toonman a Toonhead t-shirt with all you guys on
whineup  *  8-Jan-2015
LG  *  8-Jan-2015
and you Toonman smart to put grapes on my computer..cause a was giving one you week before you experience LG's "Grape of Wrath" Boy RH...that bald head clean no
LG  *  8-Jan-2015
PM love your locks!!, But what kind of Rasta are you? The Oliver Samuels kind? What you do? You just tell KFC...."Just Scrape off de bacon and ge me de fowl"??? LOL.. PM.... You are in IMPOSTER RASTA!...LOL.. and yes..a does have to Woosah to keep out a trouble.. Meditation not Medication...LOL
Pancake man  *  8-Jan-2015
I wonder how Toonman know that I'm a rasta eh lol lol but I like two plates of pancakes, not one lol lol lol lol with COFFEE
Pancake man  *  8-Jan-2015
Hey LG why whine up look like she whine down lol lol girl cheer up toonman got electrocuted lol lol nobody tell him to go on the roof with his laptop... Now he look like Frankenstein hahahahahahahahahhahahahaha
Pancake man  *  8-Jan-2015
Big Fan lol lol I was wondering why he doing us so bad... he aint give us no christmas gift, and LG took back her gifts.... and now new years toonman gone missing with no toon.... Toon City had mash up since he gone lol lol
Pancake man  *  8-Jan-2015
Toonman how you know that's the same thing I was saying while eating my pancakes... But today I had KFC (spicy side breasts and wedges)........ OOOOMMMMMGGGGGGG LG why toonman do you that bout WOOSAH lol lol
Lioness  *  8-Jan-2015
LOL. Toonman I was beginning to wonder what happen for real. Tell sknvibes you want an extra new computer lol. Pancake man it's so much pancakes you does eat so? lol
choosen one  *  8-Jan-2015
Yes to on man don't ever scared us like that again
LG  *  8-Jan-2015
see you have me using the wrong "Your" look how trouble goin ... PM, Femme & looking good for the new
LG  *  8-Jan-2015
Welcome back ToonMan..Lol... You are the one that can put LG at a loss for words (sometimes),...okay you're excuse is accepted.. Mr. SKN in charge..please get a new laptop, Ipad, Tablet for Toonman.. lol..Toonman stay off de roof top! lol
Rough House  *  8-Jan-2015
Look who decided to show up? LG, is this a new employee that took over toonman's job?
cavelle  *  8-Jan-2015
you know how long me a wait on you for you on this toon oh boy
Big Fan  *  8-Jan-2015
LOL LOL...I echoed the same things all of these said. I check the page 3 & 4 times a day looking to see if a new toon up.......Welcome back TM
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